Ford Classic CLXi limited edition car finally displayed

Ford has been one of the trend setters when it comes to compact car engines and sophisticated designs. Instead of bringing out newer models to stay in the market, Ford made a smart move to prove its worth. Ford launched a very limited edition car by simply modifying and upgrading some features of its already successful venture; Classic CLXi. Its launch has already set the market on fire. The bookings to obtain this limited edition, compact and stylish car has already started.

Ford Motor Company was started by Henry Ford in the year 1903. With over 100 years in the market, Ford has established itself as an undisputed champion among the car makers. Ford has utility cars in its product line which are sold both in the national as well as international market under the tag, Ford brand. The taste for luxury and supremacy is satisfied by its Lincoln Brand.

Ford ventured into the Indian market in the year 1998 and since then has come up with many successful products specifically designed for the Indian market. Ford Ikon was one of the most successful cars for the Indian masses. Ford fiesta is another model that became very popular among Indians.

Ford Classic CLXi

This new limited edition car, which is basically an upgraded version of Classic CLXi, is highly specific in complying with the Indian standards. With this new edition, some very vital modifications have been made, which makes this variant comparable to any titanium bodied duratec car.

The features which have been added include:

  1. Fog lamps for the car
  2. Alloy wheels of 14 inches
  3. Garnished rear number plate
  4. Chrome finished stylish grille
  5. Rear spoiler
  6. Reverse parking sensors.

The interiors too have been re designed to add to the style and comfort quotient of the car. There are highly comfortable seats with premium seat covers. There is a reading light too. There is Mp3 player with speakers. Another interesting feature is the driver’s seat which is height adjustable.

A plus point that this edition has is that the car is available in petrol as well as diesel engine models. With these ravishing features, this car can take on any high profiled vehicle out there. All this is offered by Ford at very reasonable rates, making this new edition car all the more tempting.

The petrol run car can be purchased from the chosen Ford outlets in India at a price of 6.72 lacs while the diesel engine model is available at the cost of 7.74 lacs. The location of the selected outlet can be obtained from Ford’s official Indian website.

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