Ford Could Bring Focus Saloon to Indian Shores in 2012

Ford India looks like it closing the chapter on its past. Ford has now discontinued its Ikon model and is focusing on the recently previewed Fiesta Classic, a saloon car instead of its current Fiesta. Ford is, however, not providing any details regarding its new hatch Fiesta, presumably believing that it won’t work in the Indian market.

Anyways, Ford India will continue to bring in more models to India. According to recent reports, Ford is set to bring many CD, B and C platform cars to India. One of these will be the Ford Focus. Currently, the company is deciding to bring this car in by 2012, after following some form of localisation because if new CKD rules,

The Focus, designed as an entry level type of D platform saloon, it will take on other rivals like the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Skoda Laura, VW Jetta and the Chevrolet Cruze. Ford is working seriously to bring the Focus to out markets, one of their new 8 models which it plans to debut by coming 3 to 4 years.

The Focus model is currently in its third avatar, which was first previewed at the Detroit show. Though the popular hatch will not come to India, we might still get other exciting variants of this car. In the international market, the Focus is available in a choice of six different engine options, though we might get just two or three engine choices.

The Ecoboost 1.6 l turbo petrol with VCT is likely the single petrol choice that could be offered. At 150 bhp and peak torque of 27.4 kgm, the power output is very impressive, which might make it the second powerful car after the 1.8 TSI Laura in this class. Under normal situations, the engine produces peak torque of 24.3 kgm from 1600 to 4000 rpm. The same petrol engine delivers around 182 bhp in another variant; however it doesn’t look like this one will be available in India at the moment.

If Ford plans on making a dent in the 10-12 lakh segment, it will need to offer at least two diesel engines. This will help Ford close the gap present between the top-end variants of Focus and new Fiesta. The Duratorq TDCI 1.6l engine with a 9 bhp powers Fiesta, however a 113 bhp engine should be considered seriously by Ford.

This engine also has a great torque of 29.1 kgm at just 1750 rpm. Mated with a manual six speed transmission, this engine is expected to be the primary driver of Focus’ sales volumes. The last third engine which could be offered is the TDCI 2.0l engine. Like the 1.6l engine, this engine is also a development found on MkII Focus. Generating 138 bhp, this motor has a slightly greater torque of 30.6 kgm at 1750 rpm.

Whether Ford will consider it practical to offer a choice of two diesel engines which offer similar performance capabilities is not yet certain. It is also possible that Ford may keep this engine for its Mondeo which is expected to arrive soon after focus.

Both of the 1.6 l engines will have a manual six speed transmission, while the 2.0l TDCI is offered with an automatic 6 speed transmission. The main highlights of this engine are their efficiency and performance.

The interior of the Focus will consist of a modern dash, with the design being inspired from modern gadgets like smartphones and the iPod. More emphasis is given to the driver, with key positioning of driver buttons and other aids. The controls are all clear and large, with the dials and gizmos lit up well.

In the international variant, the Focus is available with a high profile audio system, sat-nav, lane change assist as well as cruise control. The interior space is quite decent with seating for four or five people. Ford will adopt only the passenger and driver side airbags or else offer most of the raft in their high end version.

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