Ford EcoSport Contest: Winner Will Be Given Away With Its New Compact SUV

Ford EcoSport is a lovely car and is soon going to change the face of Indian travelling which is a due to the hatchbacks. But to make it a reality a large chunk of buyer is required, and to get buyers – the promotions and advertisement is necessity. It is almost confusing but the clutter confesses that Ford had launched a contest in which one can win an EcoSport by just following some simple steps.

To get the hands on it, a tempting discovery i.e. a unique photograph of one’s city is required to be posted on the carmaker’s webpage which then do needs votes of friends to gain limelight, and then out of final hundreds a lucky one will drive home an EcoSport; the remaining 99s must not be disappointed because they will be embellished with a chance to test-ride that compact SUV – as will be the first attempt among audience.

Ford EcoSport
The webpage of EcoSport says, “No-one knows a city like the people who live there. And nothing lets you discover more about your city than an Ford EcoSport. Introduce us to a cool Urban Discovery and we’ll introduce you to the EcoSport. Not only will you have a chance to win one of the year’s most anticipated cars. You’ll also appear in our special TV show. Who knows? Maybe the discoverer will become the discovered!”

It seems that Americans are in a mood to lure young explorers and may also launch other campaigns in future to gain adventurous attention.

Just click on this link to get yourself contented with the additional dose of Sport, but make sure that many of your friends would get into it so that you may entitled with honor!

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