Ford EcoSport Sales 200,000 Units in the India and Abroad

No doubt it’s a huge achievement. In just two years since its launch, the Ford EcoSport SUV has managed to sell 200,000 units in the Indian and International markets. This figure of 200,000 accounts for units sold both in the domestic Indian market and exports. In the domestic market, the EcoSport sold around 112,000 units and it is still going strong. Currently it is the highest selling compact SUV in the country.

The EcoSport has been extremely popular from day one. Within just a month of its launch, the car had registered a whopping 60,000 bookings. Superb performance, great value for money, excellent handling quality and extensive use of high technology are just some of the reasons that customers in India and around the world fell in love with the car.

The car received a very minor upgrade back in February this year with the introduction of SYNC with Ford App Link. It is just one of those cool tools that allows customers control their smartphone apps with voice commands.

The car has been exported to many other countries from India including South Africa, Australia and many EU nations.

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