Ford India Concludes SUMURR Program on International Women’s Day

Ford is riding on a new high and there is no doubt in it.

EcoSport on the future paddock and a recent launch of Figo Celebration Edition, this American carmaker had created stir in our fraternity.

Apart from all, today on the auspicious occasion of International Women’s Day Ford has concluded its Sustainable Urban Mobility with Uncompromised Rural Reach (SUMURR) program which was going-on from June 2012. This program was focused to facilitate better pre and post-natal care for expecting mothers and their infants in the remote areas of Tamil Nadu in India.

Justifying the initiative, this carmaker claims the data of 1992-93 National Family Health Survey (NFHS) that shows number of women dies in India due to pregnancy related issues. Calculations reveal that, more than 100,000 women becomes prey to the lack of parental care during pregnancies. If one would take an overall view then around 37% of pregnant Indian women fall in this category.

Under the SUMURR initiative, Ford had covered around 54 villages and had hosted 27 temporary pediatric as well as gynecology camps; ensuring 1,600 women and children to receive essential healthcare. On a total basis, approximately 3,100 people have been reached on this vying journey.

Ford India Concludes SUMURR Program on International Women's Day

Many had given their contributions but ‘Ford Endeavour’ stood frugal among all of them. It is said that, this American automaker had reached even those places where there were no proper mobile signals and was lugged with interrupted transport system.

Listed below are the major contributors who had shredded out their exclamatory efforts in this brilliant job.

Health Department of Tamil Nadu Government

IIT Madras’s Rural Technology and Business Incubator

IIT Madras

Hand in Hand India

Reliance IIT Center of Excellence

George Washington University

University of Michigan

Mr. K. Venkatesh Prasad, Senior Technical Leader for Open Innovation, Ford, speaks about the new ideas for implementing in these places as assimilating technology with our passion for social work.

We think that it is one of the best gift for a women on International Women’s Day, must thanks to Ford India for solving our problems that was meant to be carried out by our government long before.

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