Ford introducing Lane Keeping feature in its 2013 variant of Fusion sedan

Ford, the auto giant from America, has been reported to be launching its 2013 variant of the Ford Fusion, its medium sized sedan, at the motor show to be held in Detroit. The new sedan has been equipped with the optional feature of Lane Keeping, as Ford continues its efforts to provide additional safety accessories to the car.

It is usually seen that the critical safety features, including monitoring of drowsiness of the driver, warning for lane departure as well as the assistance for lane keeping are usually reserved for high-end variants of luxury cars from top makers Lexus, Infinity and Mercedes Benz. The Lane Keeping feature that Ford has provided in the Fusion sedan constitutes of three major components including Alert for Lane Keeping, Assistance for Lane Keeping as well as the Driver Alert. A camera is going to be mounted on the windshield of the car, which is going to help monitor the position of the vehicle within the lane once it crosses the speed of 40 miles an hour. If the Lane Keeping Feature has been switched on, then it is going to warn the driver through steering wheel vibration as well as visual warning, if it identifies that has wandered close towards the boundary of the lane.

Ford introducing Lane Keeping feature in its 2013 variant of Fusion sedanIn most cases of lane wandering, it is found that the occurrence is going to be due to the driver feeling drowsy. Hence, the Lane Keeping feature of Ford is going to be able to effectively monitor this aspect also. If this errant movement happens in a repeated manner as detected by the system, a chime is going to be sounded and the illuminated visual of a hot cup of coffee is displayed on the car’s instrument panel. The feature of Lane Keeping is driver activated only and its sensitivity can be adjusted according to the conditions.

2013 Ford Fusion to offer lane keeping system

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