Ford promises 31 Kmpl by Fiesta ECOnetic

It is a well known fact that the first car to roll out on the roads came from the garage of Ford almost a century back. Henry Ford promised a new mode of transport to the world and saw innovation. Thus the foundation of Ford was drilled into the ground and ever since the Model T came into picture, Ford has been ruling the automobile industry in all aspects. There is something known as setting a benchmark and Ford has proved itself a jack of its spades. In terms of fuel efficiency, looks as well as ergonomics of the car, Ford considers all these aspects as its prime motives. And thus it has been almost a century and even now Ford continues to promise optimum satisfaction to its customers.

The latest to come out of Ford garage is the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic which is slated to become one of the most economical cars to ever roll out of a Ford manufacturing unit. The car is said to give a mileage of 31 Kmpl which is much more than what Ford offers on its Diesel and Petrol variant cars. The prime manufacturing unit of Ford based in Europe has already started giving the ECOnetic into shape and very soon the car will be launched in the global market. The automobile market of Europe has considerably suffered a few blows recently and is in dire need of fuel efficient cars and thus this brings focus on the upcoming Ford Fiesta ECOnetic.

Ford promises 31 Kmpl by Fiesta ECOnetic

Ford Fiesta is one of the most sold models of Ford and the sales percentage of the company sky-rocketed with the launching of the Fiesta in the market. The Indian market is said to hold most prospects for car-makers and is termed by critics as one of the most thriving automobile markets in the world with almost all luxury car-makers competing against each other.Thus the demand of Ford Fiesta has always been high in the Indian automobile market. Now, with the slated launch of Ford Fiesta ECOnetic in India, the sales of Ford are said to shoot up in the prospective Indian market.

The engine that has been given to Ford Fiesta ECOnetic is a 1.6 Litre TDCi Duratorq engine powered by diesel. This engine has the capability to churn out a maximum power of 95 bhp and a peak torque of 205 Nm. There is good news for Ford and its enthusiasts. Ford Fiesta ECOnetic has been termed as one of the most fuel efficient cars ever made by any car-maker as 31 Kmpl is something that people do not generally get to hear unless it is a two-wheeler. It emits the least amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and thus this makes it one of the most fuel efficient cars to ever be made in the market. Ford calculated the fuel consumption rate of the car as well as the amount of CO2 that the car emits.

It was found that the car gives out an average of 3.3Litre/100Km which stands at 31Kmpl roughly. On the contrary, the amount of CO2 emissions is 87g/km. There have been times when Ford has been challenged by its counterparts over the efficiency of fuel in their cars but this time Ford has set way ahead in the race, thanks to Fiesta ECOnetic.

Ford promises 31 Kmpl by Fiesta ECOnetic

Ford has given a lot of new features to the car which in turn makes this car even more desirable. First let us discuss about the Auto-start stop feature where the car is said to be started by a button which is much more convenient than the key entry system. On the other hand the entry is also keyless and only the person who owns the car is able to enter it. This makes the car even more secure. Next is the Smart Regenerative Charging System. This provision in the car enables the car’s battery to get charged. There are sensors in the car which indicate less battery power and thus the car has an inbuilt system that is dedicated to regenerative charging. Other features include Shift Indicator Light and Eco-mode.

A special feature that Ford has included in the car is the special engine calibration system which calibrates the engine whenever it becomes weary. This feature makes the engine stay active even if the car has not been pushed into ignition mode for a long time. The optimized gear ratios ensure that the driver does not face an obstruction of any sort which shifting gears. Thus the transmission system of the car is pretty smooth. The tires inserted to the car are of less resistance which ensures that the car does not face any hindrance while in motion.An under-shield has also been inserted to the car which ensures that the engine along with the other components in the hood of the car remain safe in case they face some pressure from above. The suspension has also been installed closer to the shield and ensures that the car does not jerk much while treading a rough path.

Ford promises 31 Kmpl by Fiesta ECOnetic

A whole range of trim levels of the car will be made available by the company. Fiesta ECOnetic will be available in two variants. One will be a three-door version whereas the other would be a five-door version of the car. Unfortunately a bad news is there for all those who are expecting the car in India. Ford has given out a statement in which they have ruled out the possibility of the car being launched in the Indian market owing to many reasons even if Indian market holds a lot of prospects for automobiles.But they promise that the technology used in Fiesta ECOnetic will be put to use in the original Fiesta so that it could be more fuel-efficient. Ford realizes that India needs fuel-efficient cars owing to the fact that the prices of petrol and diesel is increasing at a constant and alarming rate in India, which in turn has increased the demand for diesel and CNG cars since last two years.

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