Gadgets inspired by Automobiles

Ever thought of buying your dream car? It might be BMW, Audi, Ferrari and even Bugatti. But for that, one has to have a heavy pocket and an insanely hefty paycheque, and only few fortunate people are blessed with this luck. But now there is a better of chance of being closer to your dream car as nowadays there are a lot of commodities available in the market which are inspired by high-octane cars. Let us shortlist ten products which have received a very thriving response from the automobile enthusiasts.

1.    Ferrari-inspired GPS Navigation System :

Nowadays every high-end car is equipped and tuned up by a GP Navigation system which is inbuilt in the car. But very few go for customized GPS navigation systems as these are rarely available in the market and come for a hefty price. Ferrari which is said to pioneer the thriving sports car market and has been setting a benchmark ever since it came into picture, has launched its own version of GPS navigation system. Ever since the landmark and foundation of the luxury sports-car heavyweight was dug into the picture, there has been a lot of innovation that has taken place in the Maranello, Italy workshop said to have one of the largest workshop and manufacturing units of Ferrari across the world. The device has an ALK CoPilot v6.0 installed into it which comes with an inbuilt multimedia player along with SD/MMC as well as Bluetooth. It also has a separate slot for Internet Connectivity. The screen size of the system is 2.8 inch. Altogether the product is commendable and is perfect for those who are avid Ferrari enthusiasts, and are willing to shell out on this product.

Ferrari Ferrari GPS Navigation System

2.    Acer Liquid E Ferrari :

Acer considers it a privilege having Ferrari as its ally and thus the two heavy weights have collaborated to produce Acer Liquid E Ferrari phone that comes as a special edition from the company. Ferrari has earmarked its position in the industry and has been setting a benchmark in the automobile industry as it has one of the most exquisite and pioneering set of models parked in its garage. Acer has also sustained its position in the market and is said to be expanding at a rapid rate nowadays owing to its wide range of laptops as well as other electronic gadgets in the market. The new Smartphone has been designed keeping in mind, the features of Ferrari and thus the color of the phone is red. Acer has given a sleek bodyline finishing to the phone which has the microphone outlet shaped as air-exhaust outlets of a Ferrari car. The Ferrari logo has been showcased and fixed at the centre of the phone above carbon fiber. The package comes with the facility of Android Compatibility as well as other operating softwares.

Acer Liquid E Ferrari

3.    Asus Lamborghini VX6 Netbook :

It has been a while since Taiwanese company Asus entered the billion dollar technology market and ever since it came into picture, the company has been hell bent on making its presence felt in the world of technology. Now finally the company has boosted its presence in the market thanks to Lamborghini which has tied up with the company and has jointly produced Lamborghini VX Series Netbook. The Netbook has been designed keeping in mind the Lamborghini and thus the finishing given to it is sleek and stylish. The emblem of Lamborghini emanates on the product and shoots up the appeal of the Netbook altogether. The Lamborghini VX6 comes with dual core Atom D525 processor which, though a bit outdated, still gives a good speed. It has Nvidia ion 2 graphics installed which enhances the quality of the movies being played, and has the capability to run games of high configurations. The hard drive space is 1.5TB HDD and the screen runs in full HD. Altogether this Netbook has all that once can ask for.

Asus Lamborghini VX6 Netbook

4.     FM Radio & Manual Gearbox with Gearbox Radio:

There are many people who are die-hard passionate about cars and love to drive whatever car that they have. Gearbox Radio is for those who love to go out for long drives and listen to radio all the while, humming songs and enjoying a smooth ride in their car. This is a unique radio where the operand of the device is different from what it usually is in usual cars. This radio requires the driver to change the gear of the car in order to change the track that is being played on the deck. It can even control the volume level and thus this product redefines innovation in the field of car stereo. At times this radio can act wearisome but it is perfect for long drives.

FM Radio & Manual Gearbox with Gearbox Radio

5.    LG VW Beetle Mp3 Player:

Recently the Seoul Motor Show was held where LG showcased its latest venture which is an Mp3 player designed on the format of Volkswagen Beetle.LG VW Beetle Mp3 PlayerThis Mp3 player has been jointly manufactured by both the heavyweights of the industry and the hype that they have jointly generated with this latest gadget is immense. Volkswagen is said to be one of the most successful auto-makers in the industry with a wide range of other luxury car-makers in its kitty. The configuration of this new device has been done with expertise and has a lot more than just music-playing features in it. It has a 2.5 inch LCD and is available in the memory range of 2GB-4GB. Several flash games have also been installed in the device to bring about a new rendition of Mp3 players. The most impressive feature that LG VW Beetle Mp3 Player carries with itself is the battery life. The gadget is said to last for as long as 20 hours which is something that has not been seen in case of Mp3 players.

6.    Fly Hummer HT1 Mobile Phone:

It is one of the best looking mobile phones that Fly has ever built. The designing of the phone has been done to pay a tribute to one of the meanest SUVs ever made. Fly Hummer HT1 Mobile Phone has been jointly produced by Fly in collaboration with Hummer SUV and is totally inspired by the look of the monstrous SUV. The first thing that a person will notice are the military camouflaging design across the bodyline of the phone and the jagged as well as craggy look that the phone highlights. These are the prime external features of the phone whereas the internal features of the phone are the same as that of other normal phones. HT1 has a 2.2 inch Touch screen with provisions of FM Radio and a 2 megapixel camera.

Fly Hummer HT1 Mobile Phone

7.    Bentley Supersports Light Body Timepiece:

Made by Breitling in collaboration with Bentley, this timepiece is a masterpiece of the luxury watch-maker inspired by the design and elegance of Bentley. In 2007, Juha Kankkunen of Finland set an ice speed record on a Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible. Now Breitling has paid tribute to this record and thus have designed a watch keeping the Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible in mind. The watch compliments the style as well as elegance of the model and the design of the watch has been done with optimum expertise keeping in mind the magnetism and charm of Bentley. The body of the watch has been made using high-tensile titanium. The design of the watch is sleek and stylish. The main dial of the watch has been designed keeping in mind the sleek dashboard of a Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible which comes with a bezel ornamentation of Bentley raised.

Bentley Supersports Light Body Timepiece

8.     Asus WX-Lamborghini Wireless Mouse:

The collaboration of Taiwanese electronic heavyweight Asus and pioneer of sports cars, Lamborghini, has resulted in an Asus WE-Lamborghini Wireless Mouse which has been designed to pay tribute to Lamborghini. The features included in the mouse compliment the features of the Lamborghini. The mouse has been designed to be sleek and stylish so that it can justify the designs of Lamborghini cars. It has a laser sensor which is customizable and also comes with 2.4 GHz RF Technology. The makers of the product have recommended it to those who want to accessorize their workstations using stylish computer peripherals.

Asus WX-Lamborghini Wireless Mouse

9.    Ferrari FXX Click Car MouseFerrari FXX Click Car Mouse:

Ferrari FXX is said to have one of the best designs by the car maker and now from the makers of FXX, a new peripheral comes which boasts of having all the traits of Ferrari. The company has launched Ferrari FXX Click Car Mouse which looks the same as the car and its price is also quite reasonable. It has been equipped with advanced features of a wireless mouse and this product is something that all the Ferrari enthusiasts should definitely have as the product’s design totally justifies the design of Ferrari FXX.

10.    Porsche Vehicle Key Inspired Memory Stick:

Every automobile enthusiast aspires to own a Porsche someday but only a few of them are fortunate enough to have a Porsche parked outside their home. For the rest, there is the Porsche Vehicle Inspired Memory Stick that can at least fulfill their desires of owning a Porsche. It is available in 2GB memory and the design of the stick has been made keeping in mind a Porsche key. The garnishing done to the stick is of sleek chrome having the logo of Porsche. The small Porsche is available for $49.

Porsche Vehicle Key Inspired Memory Stick

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