Gautam Singhania Represents India at the Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary Grand Tour

For those who are a regular adrenaline usurper must be well informed that, who the Gautam Singhania is and where’s his passion grows. But for those who tend to miss out these sort of bits, it is to inform them, bespoken personality is the CMD of Raymond Group and is also an automobile fanatic, possessing a lot of superbugs in his garage, to be precise, also the top brass of SCC (Super Car Club) in India. So being such an important face of our country, he had now flown to Italy for representing our nation at the Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary Grand Tour, driving “Lamborghini Murcielago” during the event.

As learnt, the Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary Grand Tour is expected to be one of the biggest Lamborghini rally in history, which will transverse the overall length of Italy parading 1200 kms of beautiful roads and escaping into some of the country’s finest yet awful cities. Lamborghini owners across the world are going to attend this event rolling in their Lambis on Italian shores ranging from modern day beauties to the years old vintage models.

Gautam Singhania Represents India at the Lamborghini's 50th Anniversary Grand Tour

Lending his voice on the this flurrying opportunity Mr. Gautam Singhania, Chairman and Managing Director, Raymond Ltd., said, “It’s a honour and priviledge to be part Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary Grand Tour and be the only representative from India. Lamborghini is one of the leading names in auto engineering and respected for its top-of-the-class technology. It has been a great and enthralling experience driving a Lamborghini, be it on roads or tracks. I look forward to exciting time at this grand tour.”

It is not only him who is excited about this gathering, but we hope all the auto diehards in India are waiting when Mr. Singhania would return home and shares his finest mesmerizing Italian clichés faced during the tour. “We are delighted to have Mr. Singhania as a part of the celebrations,” added Mr. Pavan Shetty, Head of Operations, Lamborghini India.

Lamborghini's 50th Anniversary Grand Tour

Following is the itinerary of Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary Grand Tour, posted so that one can drool how Mr. Singhania is going to vroom past the finest wine flowing lanes of Italy and may rove in some of the Italian babes on front seat, for lending a lift in the superpowered beautiful Italian raging bull.

  • On Tuesday, May 7th, 2013, Lamborghini super cars from across the world will gather in Milan, Italy’s capital of fashion and design
  • The contingent of these exclusive cars will then leave the next day for Forte dei Marmi, one of the most exclusive resorts on the Tyrhennian coast
  • On Thursday, May 9th, they will then set off towards Rome, with a glorious evening arrival in the city center
  • On Friday, May 10th, the cars will depart towards Bologna, via Orvieto, arriving at Emilia-Romagna’s capital during the evening
  • Saturday, May 11th will mark the closing day of the celebrations: the cars will head off in procession from Bologna towards Lamborghini’s famous factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, where participants will visit the historic museum, the production facility, as well as enjoy other Lamborghini experiences

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