Harison Motors Introduces Four ATVs in Pune

In spite of the Indian car market being crowded with many manufacturers, with most of them making entering the market this year as well, one segment that has not seen a lot of players is that of All Terrain Vehicles. However, according to recent reports, Harison Motors recently launched four different ATV’s in Pune, ranging from 50 to 200cc.

The ATVs positioned under the brand name of FUNTY, these four models include the Junior 50cc, Fighter 150cc, Terminator 200cc and lastly the Striker 110cc model. All Terrain Vehicles as the name suggest are sport vehicles which can be used on different terrains like sand-dunes, hills and beaches. ATVs are mostly used for recreational/ sporting activities. The ATVs are priced between INR 1.5 lakhs to INR 2.5 lakhs.

The chairman of Harison Motors, J.S. Bhavnani, was quoted as saying that their product is the only off-road vehicle available in India. Their objective is to promote these vehicles in India, along with the comparative sport activities. Initially, they will supply these vehicles to farmer, resorts and adventure clubs. The engine of these FUNTY vehicles will provide mnay ways for the rider to express his joy. Their motto is to quench the thirst of motor sports enthusiasts in India.

The company is reportedly setting up a facility in Karad, situated near Pune that will be functional by March, next year. The facility will have a production capacity of 15,000 ATVs in a month. The company has invested around Rs.300 crores in this plant. During the initial phase, Funty will retail throughout Goa, Mumbai, Karnataka and Gujarat via authorised dealers.

By next year, the company will also expand to South and North India. Till then, the company will sell pan India, according to demand. Initially the company does not have any export plans. Bhavnani also said that the ATV parts are Taiwan imported, with a Japanese company offering technical support. Bhavnani, however did not disclose the name of the company.

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