Have we forgotten those old dream cars?

This is the era of electric cars and we have left those old dream cars – cars with huge vertical wings and conical taillights – far back.

Seeing an elderly gentleman with big mustache driving a Chevy Bel Air has become rare. But, whenever we see someone driving such a vehicle, I just want to tell him that his car looks absurd, and that electric vehicles are the future. But, then suddenly I realize that we have not only forgotten those old dream cars but also have become unimaginative.

In the times of those old cars, people wanted cars which would look like a flying saucer with wings. They wanted humanoid robots and expected that someday they would be able to listen about a civilization in the outer world. They wanted to listen about an ocean on the moon. But when someone tries to make a flying car these days, he is typically considered crazy, not an extraordinary dreamer.

Have we forgotten those old dream cars?

Gravely, modern car industry’s idea for the car of the future is an aerodynamic carton with four small wheels that run faster and faster. They do not think about flying cars. It seems as if the car industry is deliberately becoming boring, never trying to create a stir.

Following the Second World War, the car industry has changed a lot and is reinventing personal transportation in a massive way. But we, apparently, have forgotten George Jetson’s suitcase-packed flying car.

Today is the time of sleek designed fine-tuned vehicles. As the threat of global warming and climate change hovers upon us, we are moving towards cars powered by cleaner and greener energy. In this quest of greener and better designed cars, we have left those old big beauties somewhere behind.

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