Hindustan Ambassador to get botox treatment

Earlier and by that we mean some 20 years ago, when one had to book a car, it had to be either the HM Ambassador or the Maruti 800. Both used to run long waiting periods of about a year or sometimes 2 years. However times have changed and many car companies have come into India with the instant promise of a customer entering a show room and driving out with a new car. Times might have changed but not the Hindustan Ambassador and its barely trickling sales figure which hardly goes into double digits nowadays is a cause of worry for the company and hence they have decided to rectify this with getting the ageing model some facelift. It can be noted that the “Amby” has more or less sold in the same form that it was available 20 years ago.

It is said that the new Amby would be built on a new chassis and have new underpinnings. It would also conform to modern day safety standards with two air bags, EBD and ABS. The familiar front squab of the car would now be more modern looking, akin to the Maruti Swift. The car would overall feature an aerodynamic look rather than the curvaceous figure that it has now. The interiors would also have leather strappings, wood finish and more of creature comforts to suit one and all. There would also be a new dash board design plus climate control and integrated music system with USB, aux input. Hindustan Motors have thrown the towel in with this car and it’s a make or break for the company as they don’t boast of any other substantial cars in their lineup. Expect the new car to make its debut by December 2011 or early next year.

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