Hindustan Motors launches BS4 compliant ‘Ambassador Encore’ diesel for Rs. 4.98 lakh

Stretched the expectation’s tenure to some thin artifact, Hindustan Motors finally launches the Ambassador BS IV complaint for Rs. 4,97,996 (ex-Showroom, Kolkata)  and named it as HM Ambassador “Encore”.

The Ambassador Encore is most probably made for the ‘No Refusal’ taxi segment of Kolkata who will not refuse the ride at any point of given time. Whether it may be a bandh or, the streets flooded with rain waters, they cannot refuse even a single customer by any of such excuses.

Hopefully the ‘No Refusal’ segment of taxi will be recognized with the blue-strip on their sides of cabs and the ‘No Refusal’ tagging slapped on the front doors. However, Hindustan Motors will also provide discounts to the customers who will exchange their old cabs for the ‘No Refusal’ tagged new Ambassadors.

Technical specifications are learnt not much to be changed yet, so the ongoing 1.5-liter diesel engine tend to lend nearby figures of existing 35.5bhp and 7.44kgm of torque, which expectedly would be more and improved than the predecessors. The Indian carmaker had also confirmed to have sorted out the smoke issue on the Encore Ambi, we hope the confirmation shall continues with the on-road experiences too.

Hindustan Motors launches BS4 Diesel Ambassador
Commenting his best for the BS IV compliant of Ambassador, Mr. Uttam Bose, Managing Director & CEO, Hindustan Motors Ltd., said, “The company made significant investment in terms of money and man hours to upgrade its BS III 1.5-litre diesel engine to BS IV standards and OBD 2 level. Yet it has chosen not to pass on the expenditure to customers. Through value engineering and cost-efficient manufacturing, HM is able to offer Ambassador Encore at this amazingly low price without any compromise on quality.”

In addition, “New Ambassador is a game-changing offer from HM which has always accorded highest priority to customers’ needs and purchasing power,” feels Mr. Bose on the happening.

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