Hindustan Motors to launch Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Automatic

At one of the annual general meetings of the company, Hindustan Motors has announced that it will be launching the new Pajero Sport with automatic transmission next fiscal. Early in 2013, India saw the launch of the Pajero Sport as a Completely Built Unit. Just after it had been launched, Hindustan Motors commenced one of its assembly units near Chennai. It is said that the company might soon sell this unit.

In India, the Pajero Sport is expected to be powered by a 2.5-litre diesel engine that is capable of producing maximum power of 178bhp with maximum torque of 400Nm. The car features the Mitsubishi Super Select 4WD system and will come with 5-speed manual transmission. This automatic transmission system is expected to be the “INVECS-II 5-speed automatic with Sportonic.” The Thailand market has the same diesel engine paired with this gearbox. Thailand market is the place from where India got the Pajero Sport’s CKD kits.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Cars like the Evo X, Cedia Sports and Outlander, which were there in the Indian market, have now been discontinued. During the month of July in 2013, Hindustan Motors had launched the Pajero Sport Anniversary edition. The company expects that the gap that has been created in the Indian market after these cars have been discontinued will be filled up by the new Pajero Sport. Although Mitsubishi will be launching the Pajero Sport next fiscal, it also has plans of launching the new Outlander in India by 2014.

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