HMV 8×8 Super Stallion and COLT range of tactical vehicle unveiled by Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles in India. A Hinduja subsidiary, the company recorded success in serving the military, heath and commercial sector, the brand announced the development of their lineup of logistic vehicles with the unveil of Super Stallion 8×8 High Mobility Vehicle (HMV). Making its debut alongside is the new face-lifted version of the much-anticipated Stallion in 6×6 configuration with a new high power engine and auto transmission.

“The HMV 8×8 Super Stallion is our new world-class contribution – a modern-day technology creation that is truly native. This heavier Super Stallio platform put up on the tradition of the Stallion, of which the Indian Army installs over 65K units. Stallions is the absolute backup of the logistic actions and we relish our role as their biggest provider of logistics vehicles,” commented Nitin Seth, Executive Director, Defense Business, Ashok Leyland. “This experience, as well as experience in some of our new foreign markets has allowed us to factor customer feedback to accomplish the considerable enhancements to the product,” he added.

The ability of the Super Stallion HMV 8×8 to convene the army’s necessities for a vehicle with better mobility and raw power in most unforgiving dessert terrains has made it the new flagship of Ashok Leyland’s lineup of logistics vehicles. Powering the Super Stallion HMV is a growling 360 horsepower Neptune motor, that spits a thrust of over 1400 Nm torque. Other off-road capabilities include the Hub reduction axles, which ensure improved ground clearance and traction for its eight wheels in mud & gravel. On the other hand the Central Tire Inflation System (CITS) permits inflating or deflating tyres, while on the go. The Stallion 6×6 is radically improved in terms of form and function, in comparison to the predecessors. Featuring the Stallion 6X6 is a staggering 221 hp CRDe spits a thrust of 800 Nm torque to maneuver in severe, hilly terrains. Mated to the CRDe motor is an automatic transmission that simplifies mobility. The Stallion 6×6 cabin is designed ergonomically with cosmetic uplift. This includes air-condition with bucket seats, while the driver receives user-friendly infotainment display clusters. These platforms are mutually held-up by F.M.S to assure increased practical effectiveness and fleet time. Fleet boss can sketch fleet handling, oil efficiency and tune-up checks and lay down planned, precautionary as well as counteractive maintenance. Moreover, the system involves information about accessibility of units in the group. The simplistic and user-friendly interface allows fleet bosses, controllers and maintenance teams to observe vehicle statistics and create suitable paper work.

HMV 8x8 Super Stallion

Apparently, Ashok Leyland Defense Systems, a joint venture Company, engaged in the development of specialized strategic and armored vehicles, has also revealed the first of the range of COLT tactical vehicles, called the Light Tactical Vehicle (4×4). Company’s deliberate partnership with Panhard General Defense, France is busy with production of the Light Tactical Vehicle. Moreover, an entirely fresh lineup of products, in terms of concepts and classification developed with Krauss Maffei Wegmann Gmbh (KMW), Germany, were also unveiled.

“India’s Defense division is seeking superior involvement from the private sector to support the nation’s defenses and Ashok Leyland Defense stands perched to leverage technologies and partnerships to provide tactical and armored solutions to address our country’s defense requirements,” commented Dr. V. Sumantran, Chairman, Ashok Leyland Defense Systems. “Our product lineup shall feature top range execution, while accomplishing high levels of local satisfaction and lower price tag. Today (Saturday), we are proud to unveil the COLT 4×4 Light Tactical Vehicle which offers superior security, superior agility and enhanced delivery, typical of our new range of vehicles,” Sumantran further commented.

Ashok Leyland Defense and Panhard General Defense, developed the Light Tactical vehicle (LTV) that features excellent mobility together thanks to exceptional power to weight ratio of over 34 hp/ton. It sits on a high performance frame, and sports a distinct suspension. The vehicle also sports a new technology called armored hull, patent of Ashok Leyland. While the LTV can carry out several operations including, guide, tour of duty and control vehicles, it was fundamentally designed to accomplish secluded strategic cooperation missions. It has already showcased its mettle in over 15 countries with 2,000 units servicing.

Ashok Leyland Defense is also involved in development of an entire lineup of armored vehicles with military. While the payloads range from 1.5 to 16 tonnes on the COLT, Stallion and SUPER Stallioin platforms. They will also attend to several requirements for Light Specialist Vehicles, Light Bullet Proof Vehicle , Light Artillery Machines, Mine Protected Vehicles , Field Artillery Tractors, Multi-Barrel Rocket Launchers and other outstanding functions. Ashok Leyland Defense sports distinct design cues to deliver top of the range tools to India with high local substance and tailored to suit precisely the needs of India’s defense forces.

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