Honda All Set To Introduce City’s CNG Version

Amidst the hoopla of being eco-friendly together with the increases in the petrol rates, which are taking place in the Indian market, Honda has decided that they would shortly introduce the CNG version of their well known, Honda City sedan.

Since its introduction in the year 1998, Honda City became a preferred model in the nation and the firm also has frequently updated the City sedan because of its vast recognition and visual charm amongst the Indian automobile fanatics.

The automaker will be rolling out the CNG version somewhere during the festival period, which is approaching.

The company’s diesel proposals have been witnessing a postponement for a while currentlybecause ofadministrative tax plans, and in these times of dropping demand of the petrol variants, the CNG edition is likely to aidthe carmaker against its diesel competitors comprising of Skoda Rapid, Hyundai Verna in addition to Volkswagen Vento.

Honda All Set To Introduce City's CNG Version

The car’s postponement has been reinforced keeping the weight of the CNG tank in intellect that will be set up in the boot of the car, together withsome modifications to the engine.

The price of Honda City CNG version is projected to be about Rs.50,000- 60,000 more compared to the petrol edition.

As Per reports, there are no authorized reports available from the companyat this time.

The mainrestraint for the company will be a limited accessibility of CNG in the India market.

Without disclosing his identity, the source remarked that the company had worked firmly in formulating the novel CNG City model by making some modifications in its subsisting petrol variant.

As per reports, the company has decided not to set up the CNG kit at its production plant in the forthcoming City edition.

The manufacturing facility will only set up the special CNG city version with all the modifications, apart from the CNG kit. The CNG kit will be set up at the plant of firm’s official dealers.

Honda’ssales dropped over last year with the causequoted to be the ever rising petrol rates.

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