Honda Civic gets exclusive diesel engine the 1.6L i-DTEC

The technology used in diesel engine is getting a quantum leap, courtesy Honda Motors. Taking everyone by surprise, the car manufacturer from Japan has lifted the curtains to display their latest common rail turbo-diesel engine, the 1.6L i-DTEC. The technology has left all auto lovers mesmerized. Honda Motors chose the ideal platform at the Tokyo Motor Show to highlight this breakthrough technology of theirs in the field of light-weight diesel engines. The most interesting aspect is that this engine that Honda has developed is in lines with their vision of providing fuel-efficient light weight engines.

The engine, which weighs just 170kg, has the capability of delivering excellent fuel economy. However, details pertaining to the same are yet to be disclosed by Honda authorities, as they continue to remain secretive about the same. It is assumed that they are waiting for some other forum to come out with the detailed specifications. The Honda Civic sedan has been identified as the vehicle in which this new diesel engine will be fitted with. This best-selling car from Honda is due to receive a makeover in the year 2012. It, however, remains a matter of speculation as to whether a new version of the Civic will feature this engine or it will have something else as its powertrain.

Honda 1.6L i-DTEC engine
As of now, the engine has been made exclusive to the Honda Civic. Market experts, however, feel that Honda India might adopt this engine for their flagship sedan, the Honda City, sometime in the future. This speculation has been generated from the increasing demand in the Indian market for diesel-powered cars. Honda City has been a regular feature in the list of favorite cars in India but the only drawback identified for the vehicle is its petrol engine. Some innovative strategy along with a small price cut by the manufacturers, have ensured continuous growth in sales of the Honda City. Honda has exhibited a strong competitive spirit in the market with its Honda Jazz and City variants, by offering discounts to the extent of Rs.1 lakh. Their efforts have also reaped rich rewards for them. The consumers have whole-heartedly received these changes and the 2012 Honda City is expected to get a stronger market response.

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