Honda confirms its come back to F1 as engine supplier for McLaren

As per the reports, Honda Motor Company is planning for its return to the Formula One circuit. Now the company has confirmed the news as its return on the track as the engine supplier for the McLaren F1 team in the 2015 season. Since, 2008 Japanese automaker has maintained its distance from the F1 races. This measure was taken in order to cut down the cost during the economic slowdown that affected the exports to the US and European countries.

The principal of the team McLaren, Whitmarsh said in a press conference that they are renewing the partnership that has already won several championships together during their partnership. He also said that he is delighted to reveal that Honda and McLaren will be starting a new chapter in the history of Formula 1 by renewing their partnership.

Honda confirms F1 return
McLaren and Honda have together won about 44 Grand Prix and about eight world championships during the 80s and 90s. Whitemarsh further added that the partnership together created one of the most successful Formula car of all times in year 1988, the legendary car McLaren-Honda MPO 4/4 that won over everyone. The car was driven to victory about 15 times.

Honda confirm F1 return with McLaren in 2015

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