Honda launched the luxury edition of Honda Accord

Sedan car market has always been on a low demand than the hatchback categories. But it seems the time is changing now. No, it’s not that out of a sudden sedan cars are one of the ‘in thing’ but rather the sedan car marketers have evolved new and improved strategies. While the premium hatchback car manufacturer, Maruti launched its new Maruti Suzuki Kizashi, the rest of the major manufacturers are launching the updated versions of their best cars. Likewise, Honda Siel Cars India has recently launched its new updated variant of the Honda Accord. This car is a true mix of elegance and style, which is what the manufacturer believes. The price range for this new variant of Honda Accord is decided at Rs 19.60 lakhs to Rs 25.41 lakhs.

Takashi Nagai, President and CEO, Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) said, “Our customers have always been a constant source of inspiration. When they seem to like our products, they always appreciate our efforts and otherwise. We have always believed in the upgradation of our products.  Improvement is the key to the heart of a consumer, which is our strong belief. According to our customers feedback we got a real pat of appreciation. So, we decided to return the favour of our customers. Hence, we launched the new and updated version of Honda Accord and we hope that even this time customers will appreciate our effort, as well.” While speaking about the new variant he also said, “we have tried to incorporate all the luxurious features in this car that why we named it as Honda Accord Luxury.” Honda Accord has till now recorded a sales figure of 25,000 units from the time this car was newly launched in the Indian automobile market. We can assure you that this new Honda Accord has much more style and class than its siblings and that may be one of the reasons for calling it a Honda Accord ‘Luxury’.

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