Honda sells about 2199 units of Brio in November

Honda Cars India Ltd. registered an increase of about 87% in its domestic sales with 3,711 units sold in the month of November in comparison to the 1,982 units sold during the same period last year. The company has sold about 31,699 units all together from April to November 2012, which shows an overall growth of about 49% over the last year. Honda has also exported about 326 units during the previous month.

If look at the model wise sales then it seems that the Honda Brio has been sold more than any other car. Next to Brio comes the Honda City.. Honda was able to sell about 2199 units of Brio and about 1218 unit of City. Other models like Honda Jazz, Accord and Civic sold about 186, 36 and 72 models respectively.

Honda sells about 2199 units of Brio in November

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