Honda Siel Cars Appoints Jnaneswar Sen as New Senior VP

Japan’s auto giant Honda, which is presently trying to make its presence felt in the Indian market, recently appointed Jnaneswar Sen as Honda Siel Car India’s, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing. Sen has been working with Honda for more than four years now, and as the VP of Sales and Marketing will create as well as implement strategic marketing and sales initiative for Honda in India.

This move by Honda comes as the company enters their crucial phase of India strategy by launching their first car for the mass market called Brio hatchback. While this small car was to be launched a while ago, different issues kept cropping up and delaying its launch.

Honda has had a strong presence in the under Rs.10 lakh sedan market, however their City model has been seeing flat sales in spite of the market growing rapidly in 2010. Honda will now look at carving a bigger market share as well as increasing the strength of their brand in India. Jazz, which was Honda’s first foray into the premium small car market, did not manage to do well in the market.

One thought on “Honda Siel Cars Appoints Jnaneswar Sen as New Senior VP

  1. Honda is known for quality product.However its “city-2004 model” suffers from poor quality product.i purchased “city” on 9/1/04 ,registration no being DL 3C AA 4151.Lock system had failed twice earlier & were replaced by Southend Honda on 13/2/07 & 22/7/08. Steering lock again failed about 45 days back. Since failure of locks is very unusual, had written to Honda to consider replacing lock free of cost ( though out of warranty) as the product seems to have manufactiring defect ( perhaps made in india). Understand that there have been failures in other cars as well. Had written to President Hond, Mr Nagai twice & also contacted customercare for response. Unfortunately, there has been no response from Honda till to day ,i,e 5/6/11. Locks are not consumable spares / parts. Failure is very rare. This is definitely due to poor quality product. Though out of warranty, Honda famous for good products & good customer care should replace it free or at least say that request cannot be acceded to.Favorable response requested. Thanks


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