HP Sport Sub 2 Unveiled Is A Underwater Sportscar

Whether agreed or not, we all have that intrigue to submerge under the water and find those lost pieces of sunken ships. But due to unavailability of a more practical option of submarine to be taken on yachts or its likes is the main reason behind. Now, a company from Netherland called as U-Boat Worx had taken a foot forward and decided to unveil a compact underwater craft dubbed as HP Sport Sub 2.

Painted in hue red it is replicating the same aura of Ferrari and features new acrylic-steel pressure hull design. Dimensionally, it is of 285cm (9.3 ft) in length and 235cm (7.7 ft) in width. The height is of 136cm (4.5 ft), where despite being so compact it weighs 2,200kg.

The new creation of U-Boat Worx can touch the bottoms of water only by moving down 100-meters (330-feet) and can house a pilot and a co-passenger at a time. They both can stay down underwater for six hours. The maximum speed limit of HP Sport Sub 2 is touted as 3knots (5.6 km/h or 3.5 mph) on the surface of water and 2knots (3.7 km/h or 2.3 mph) when submerged. However, buyers can upgrade it to the maximum of 5knots (9.3 km/h or 5.7 mph) on the surface of water and 3 knots underwater by paying additional amount to the actual price tag of $1.26million (EUR 1 million). Hence, deliveries are bound to commence from 2015.

HP Sport Sub 2 Unveiled Is A Underwater Sportscar


HP Sport Sub 2

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