Hybrid Craft Campaign of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd goes to school

TKM or Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd has started its Hybrid Craft Campaign in the Pathways World School at Noida for its students. Through this campaign the company wishes to teach the students in the age bracket of 12 to 14 years the technology involved in hybrid vehicles and how they benefit the environment in a unique interactive manner. The pilot project was started with Canadian International School in Bangalore previous year itself where it was highly appreciated by both the teachers and students alike. This whole program is about letting the students know in detail about pollution and its overall effect on us, and to also make them acquainted with the idea of Hybrid Technology and its various positive effectsto diminish the ill impact caused on the environment by the pollution. It also helps in describing how this technology will save conventional fossil fuel in the long run.

Hybrid Craft Campaign of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd goes to school

Deputy Managing Director, Sales & Marketing, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Mr Sandeep Singh said, “Toyota is well known for its initiative in the Hybrid Technology and is also considered as the pioneer of the same. With the launch of its benchmark third generation hybrid car Toyota Prius in 2010, the firm is very glad to introduce this technology to India. With the purpose of creating awareness in the Indian populace the firm has introduced this technology in India as well as to let everybody understand the assured good effect of the same. To further strengthen the commitment of Toyota to the nature as a whole, the firm has been part of many green environment friendly initiatives, this particular project, the Hybrid Craft Campaign being one of such initiatives. This campaign is enabling the firm to stimulate the school children who are young, about the advantages of Hybrid Technology and the significance of conserving conventional fuel and energy. The firm also would like to extend its gratitude towards the Pathway World School, Noida who gave it a stage to enlighten their students about the technology of future in automobile industry which will directly affect their surroundings,” on the initiative taken to teach the young children about the negative and positive aspects of a conventional vehicle and a hybrid vehicle.

Director, Pathway World School, Dr. Shalini Advani commented, “The course structure of our school puts great emphasis on instilling our students with knowledge of what could be a solution the existing pollution around us. We are extremely glad to have Toyota’s ingenious initiative which familiarizes this new technology to our students, while we also get support for our own hands-on-learning approximate at Pathways. This educates our students to look for fresh aspects for handling the complications of our globe”.

Hybrid Craft Campaign of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd goes to school

This initiative has the schools of metropolitan cities in its list right now, which would expand and reach to the big towns and later on small cities as well. Through this program Toyota will be doing its part in terms of social responsibility and will also encourage other automobile companies to do the same in due time. The present environmental issue scenario is soon becoming a big question for all the automobile giants, for their manufactured vehicles which run on fossil fuel, these vehicles add on to the emission even with a lessened amount of exhaust.

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