Hyundai Considers Taking Legal Action against Delhi Belly Film Team

India’s second biggest auto company, Hyundai is reportedly considering to take legal action in recently released Bollywood movie, Delhi Belly. This decision comes after the movie reportedly showed one of Hyundai’s models in bad taste.

A spokesperson for the company was quoted as saying that their legal team was having a look into this matter. They are watching clips of the film to take better stock of the situation. Hyundai was apparently unhappy with a model looking like Santro portrayed in the film. The said car in the movie however did not reveal any branding. Apart from that, there were also some derogatory dialogues in the movie made about the car.

Delhi Belly has been produced jointly by Aamir Khan Productions and UTV Motion Pictures. Upon contacting actor Aamir Khan, a spokesperson for the actor said that they did not receive any letter or intimation regarding the issue from Hyundai.

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