Hyundai Eon and Ford Ecosport to be launched in Nepal

It is being said that one of the most brewing and happening automobile markets in the world is India owing to the fact that it is witnessing massive amount of develop and globalization has changed the whole country to such an extent that the Indians are getting to experience the latest technological developments in the automobile industry first-hand. There are so many luxury car-makers who have come from different parts of the world with their set of cars thus giving a diverse range of options to the customers in India. Thus not only India is fortunate enough to witness the flourishing growth in the automobile industry but it gives a chance to its neighboring countries which share borders with India, to experience this growth.

Recently Tata unveiled Nano as well as the Indica Vista in the car market of Nepal which was met with wide response from all over. Very soon other car-makers also started making plans to launch their variants into the Indian markets as well as Nepal and Bangladesh. Following the footsteps of Tata, Hyundai and Ford decided to launch their respective cars in the automobile market of Nepal.

Hyundai Eon and Ford Ecosport to be launched in Nepal

Hyundai decided to bring in the hyped Eon in the market which is also its latest compact car to hit the Indian automobile market. It is being speculated that the new Hyundai Eon will be hitting the Nepal automobile industry by the end of this month and Laxmi Intercontinental Pvt Ltd has been given the opportunity to deal with the fresh flow of the cars’ demand. Laxmi Intercontinental Pvt Ltd has been Hyundai’s official dealership firm for over four years now. The new Hyundai Eon will be launched across the country and four of its variants would be seen in the market respectively Era-Plus, D-Lite, D-Lite Plus and Sportz. The car is said to have fierce competitors in Perodua Viva, Chevrolet QQ3 and Maruti Alto. Thus Hyundai is optimistic about launching the new Hyundai Eon in the Nepal market amidst wide anticipation.

On the other hand Ford is also planning to launch its SUV Crossover EcoSport in the Nepal market and the release is slated to happen by the end of this year. Recently Ford gave the first look of EcoSport at the Auto Expo held in New Delhi in the month of January. GO Automobiles have been given the charge of taking control of the dealership of Ford EcoSport in Nepal as they have been dealing in Ford’s cars for quite some time now. Ford EcoSport will be powered by a 1.6 L Petrol engine and will have five-speed manual transmission system attached to it. The SUV has already been anticipated in Nepal and the price tag attached to the car will be 40, 00,000 Nepal rupees. Thus the anticipation is building around the launch of both the cars in the Nepal Automobile Market and both the automobile heavyweights aim to sell maximum possible units in the country following its launch there as the economy of both the nations is rising.

Hyundai Eon and Ford Ecosport to be launched in Nepal

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