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Every small car from Hyundai definitely garners attention. Be it their first small car, the Santro or even their not so small i20. In comes news that Hyundai has been planning for a car to replace the Santro and we were all sure that it was going to be the i10, however, as is the norm, both the cars sell side by side in India. In comes more news about sightings of a car which is going to replace the ageing Santro for sure.  This car which went by the name or rather code name as HA has now officially being  christened the Hyundai Eon. We have a sneak preview of the Hyundai Eon In India. This car would officially launch around the second week of October.


This car would come with the new design language that Hyundai have been trying to promote, namely “Fluidic Concept” . That a manufacturer would bring in their highly publicized design language on a low cost  car. Multi dimensional in their approach are the head lamps while the grille is reminiscent of the new Hyundai  design language. By the way, “long period of time” is the meaning of the name Eon. Maybe, they named it so due to the fact that the Santro replacement took more than 11 years to come. We would say that the wait is worth it. This car has definitely got the style quotient  in place. The side profile definitely reminds one of some of the Merc cars. The rear profile would also remind one of many of the highly acclaimed for their design cars. Hyundai have hit the right spot with the styling of this car.

Hyundai Eon in IndiaHyundai have chucked the extra length and space thing in this car. This one has got  a shorter wheelbase than the Santro, to be exact, it stands at 2380 mm. However, the way the tall boy Santro was known for its roominess, this one wouldn’t be. It is said that space inside the cabin would be no more than the Nano. What the interiors would be are definitely notches above that of the Nano in terms of equipment as also the fit and finish. Why only the Nano, even others like the Alto, Spark and A-Star  would be left far  behind in this equipment war. A CD player would be standard along with other assorted things in the higher up variants. What the car lacks in space, Hyundai have cleverly carved out cubby holes for the Hyundai Eon in India, making it a smugglers delight in the process. The boot space for this one is also the largest in its class. It is said that it would be close to 218 liters.

Hyundai Eon interiorThe chassis is also similar to the one in the i10. This means that the ride quality as also the agility would be similar to that of the i10. This means a composed poise for this car. Seeing by the way Hyundai has done the NVH of the new fluidic Verna, even this one should be class leading. Visibility could be a problem towards the rear especially with the steeply raked in column cutting visibility to near zero. This could be a nice way by Hyundai to sell rear parking sensors as accessories for this car.

The engine for the Hyundai Eon in India would be derived from the one in the Santro. 56 Bhp of power is what the Eon is expected to bring along with it. That coupled to a nice shifting 5 speed manual would be a perfect combination in this segment.  ARAI certification says that the Eon would deliver 21 kmpl of petrol. With prices of petrol slated to touch Rs 80 per liter in the near future, this one would definitely be a chartbuster for Hyundai in terms of sales. The Hyundai Eon price in India is a thing which would definitely be an eye opener for even manufacturers like Maruti. It is said that this one would start with a base price of Rs 2.75 lakhs. Watch this space for more.

New Hyundai Eon

14 thoughts on “Hyundai Eon in India Preview

  1. I think EON is the car I was looking for, Hyundai is launching very attractive model at very attractive price. I wish to have test drive.

  2. i think eon is 1 i was looking for which is small with lots of qwalities as the people needs now a days…….. thanx hyundai

  3. Hyundai EON is going to launch this year. This small car will have compitition with Maruti Alto because Alto is standing in the market since last five years and both the cars belongs small car segment. EON is the new one it may cut some market of other small cars.

  4. Hyundai EON is looking good, but need to have more specifications and the interior images as well. Nice to have all facilities with affordable price.

  5. Hyundai EON looking as like Ford Figo hatch back, But I hope coming the best EON car in Diesel or LPG,CNG.

  6. great , great job done by the hyundai ,but we expecting little more, that hyundai will come with diesel verson also

  7. Hyundai EON is looking good, but need to have more specifications and the interior images as well. Nice to have all facilities with affordable price.

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