Hyundai i10 LPG Blue Drive Variant Introduced for Price of Rs 4.16 Lakhs

Hyundai Motor India Limited, the largest passenger exporting company of India and 2nd biggest automaker launches the LPG variant of Hyundai i10, as a part of its initiative for promoting non-polluting and eco-friendly transport. It is available for the price of Rs. 4.16 lakhs, which is Rs. 27,630 more as compared to existing petrol model. The i10 features a Blue Drive is fuel efficient and eco-friendly range of Hyundai and gets factory installed LPG kit boasting features, which meets international standards in terms of safety and performance. The company has launched the eco-efficient Blue Drive feature in next generation i10 in its 1.1 Magna and 1.1 Era trim levels.

Mr. H.W. Park, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at Hyundai Motor India Limited said that the LPG variant of i10 is a feasible alternative for discerning buyers seeking low running cost. With the introduction of this model, the company is lengthening the eco-friendly initiative. It believes in preserving the environment by producing and developing eco-friendly vehicles, which run on low emission fuels. The 1.1 Magna trim level of i10 is available for the price of Rs. 4,30,659, while the 1.1 Era for Rs. 4,16,144. Motivation for the all new i10 comes from an iRDE2 1.1 litre engine and comes with easy petrol to LPG shift that provides distinctive combination of unrivalled fuel economy and dependable performance.

Hyundai i10 LPG Blue Drive Variant Introduced for Price of Rs 4.16 Lakhs

Another excellent feature introduced by Hyundai Motor India Limited for LPG variant of i10 is the Alternator Management System (AMS), while decelerating, power supply to battery is normal, and during acceleration it limits power. It comes with Manual Shift Indicator, the first in its segment. The maximum fuel tank capacity for LPG variant is 34 litres, while for petrol is 35 litres. The shoppers will have an option to select from petrol and LPG models. The all new i10 is all about quality and not exorbitant prices. Top notch quality, attractive looking materials, comfortably supportive seats, controls that feel solid and precise and instrument you can really read; that is the lasting beauty of the company. According to Hyundai, its LPG kit is Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) certified and is impact-resistant as well. It is also authorized by Department of Explosives (DOI).

Hyundai Motor India Limited is a completely owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company in India and is the second biggest automobile manufacturing firm after Maruti Suzuki. It was incorporated in the year 1996 by South Korean automaker, Hyundai Motor Company. When it entered into Indian automotive industry in 1996, the brand was unknown all over India. Now, its state of the art, fully integrated production facility in Chennai boasts testing capabilities, most sophisticated production and quality in India.

Hyundai i10 LPG interior Hyundai i10 LPG interior

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