Hyundai i20 Active vs Toyota Etios Cross vs Fiat Avventura: Spec Comparison

‘Cross hatches’ or ‘hatchback-turned crossovers’, both terminologies are suitable to convey cars like Hyundai i20 Active, Fiat Avventura and Toyota Etios Cross. Taking every of them into account for a comparison, we studied who is the best bet on paper, and do they really have a grunt to go for the off-roads, or at least can handle the world-famous half-paved roads of India for the brutal sense they do create the lucrative promises.  Find out with us whether the Active i20 will be able to stand in line to those formerly introduced models in the acute market of 1000 units a month restricted to niche and premium set of buyers.

  • Engine

In the state of petrol, Fiat offers max power off the mid-sized engine. Toyota Etios Cross with two options (1.2L and 1.5L) tops the chart with largest displacement and power, but ironically the small unit pulls it down on the list. And needed to push the car off the line first, it’s the Etios offering max torque, whereas Hyundai and Avventura compromised at a tie here.

Hyundai i20 Active

  • Petrol

  • Engines    Hyundai i20 Active    Toyota Etios Cross    Fiat Avventura
  • Displacement    1.2-litre    1.2/1.5-litre    1.4-litre
  • Power     83PS    80PS/90PS    90PS
  • Torque     115Nm    104Nm/132Nm    115Nm

  • Diesel

  • Engines    Hyundai i20 Active    Toyota Etios Cross    Fiat Avventura
  • Displacement    1.4-litre    1.4-litre    1.3-litre
  • Power     90PS    68PS    93PS
  • Torque     220Nm    170Nm    209Nm

Toyota Etios Cross

On the side of diesel, Fiat gets fixed by shortest engine, but it sends max power off that small machine. Hyundai didn’t managed to attain the top position in power delivery, but it will set you straight off the launch with its chunk of torque. Toyota in the diesel guise do not performed well. The huge machine of 1.4L lacked a way back in either of the plots.

  • Fuel-Efficiency

On the fuel-efficiency, Fiat lacks in both the fuel options. It’s Toyota to deliver more kilometres from a single litre of diesel, whereas the petrol’s performance wasn’t too bad either. Hyundai Active’s figures aren’t disappointing either.

  • Fuel Economy as per ARAI    Hyundai i20 Active    Toyota Etios Cross    Fiat Avventura
  • Petrol     17kmpl    17.71kmpl/16.78kmpl    14.4kmpl
  • Diesel    21.19kmpl    23.59kmpl    20.5kmpl


  • Dimensions

Emerging as the clear winner, Hyundai ranks on the top of all with regards to length, width, height and wheelbase. On the other side Fiat which had fallen short on every aspect despite holding a spare wheel at the back, wins on the note of ground clearance for offering maximum than the rivals. Avventura to an extent envied some compact SUVs for sitting this high on the heels after being converted to crossover from a hatchback.

Fiat Avventura

  • Overview

It’s Hyundai that packs more features and space for a comparatively bigger price tag. But for the built-quality Toyota has enticed Indians with sturdy machines carved by means of every quality measure known to Japanese. It’s the Fiat Avventura that has personally won our heart due to the tail-gate mounted spare-wheel, the only one to do so, and massive ground clearance like small SUVs.

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