Hyundai Motors India Limited – So what’s the big plan?

So, it seems that the South Korean car manufacturer, Hyundai Motors India limited is planning to get bigger by next three years. No, that’s not what we intend to say rather that is what the Hyundai Motors announced itself. Though, personally we don’t think that this automobile giant has to do anything to grab attention, as it already enjoys its position in the market. Being the second largest automobile manufacturer, it is trying to get a better grip on its position despite the fact that many other big brands have entered the territory. So, they have devised a three step strategy which they expect to work for maintaining a better grip of their position globally.

Hyundai Motors India Limited recently announced that the company will be launching it six new models over the time span of three years. This as a part of the strategy is supposed to strengthen the company’s current position. Recently in an open session with the media, Arvind Saxena, director – Marketing and Sales, Hyundai Motors India Limited said that “we will now be launching two new models every year for three consecutive years which means six fresh models in three years. He also added that “this will strengthen our position, as we will be offering new products for various type of market”.

This company will also be closing its booking for the SUV Hyundai Santa Fe and will be reopening it by April, of this year. Saxena made it very clear that it is because of the 600 bookings they have already received for the same which they will be delivering by May of this year. While for the exports, the company delivered 2.47 lakh units last year and it expects the same to be the same this year as well. While claiming that this company has already its feet in over 115 countries, he also added that “Europe being our biggest market, we expect similar or more than the previous export numbers. Making the company big doesn’t mean that you are exploring new markets you have to deliver, maintain that trust to enjoy such status and then discover”.

Besides, the launch and the temporary closure of bookings, this company will also indulge itself in few of the promotional activities. Now, that is different that those promotional activities seem to be the biggest activities of all. Yes, speaking of this, a smile was etched across Saxena’s face and he with a happy heart claimed that, “Yes, we are the official automotive partner of this super cricket event ICC World Cup 2011”. Besides, the company has also managed to be the official automotive partner of ICC for the next 4 years i.e. from the year 2011 to 2015. Saxena also quoted that they will be spending roughly Rs 200 crores on this strategy within the next five years. So, we sincerely hope that it does work out for HMIL.

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  1. I purchased 01 i10 magna kappa.

    Very poor service by Goyal HYUNDAI ltd.,Kapurthala RD,jalandhar.

    VEH NO pbo9 3810


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