Hyundai to Hold Monthly Medal Round Golf Tournament at Classic Golf Resorts

Hyundai Motor India, the second biggest car maker and largest exporter of cars in India recently announced about the 2011-12 Monthly Medal Round to be held in Manesar at the Classic Golf Resort. The tournament, which has been organised for invitees and Classic members, will be known as the 2011-12 Hyundai Classic Monthly Medal Round from now on. The tournament is scheduled to begin on July 30, 2011.

The company’s director of marketing and sales, Arvind Saxena, said that he was delighted about announcing their association with the 2011-12 Classic Monthly Medal Round. Golf is a sport that has been gradually gaining importance in India, with the country having great potential in golfing talent. By this endeavour they hope to support the games development in India, and remain committed to their efforts in bringing excitement in sports.

The tournament will include one event held every month, with the 2011 round beginning from today. This year’s tournament will go on till December 10, 2011. The 2012 Round will begin on January till June, 2012. During this tournament, Hyundai would prominently display their Sonata Transform and the Santa Fe throughout the course of the tournament.

Being a dynamic auto brand, the company has always connected itself with important sporting events. Hyundai recently organised many initiatives such as the Hyundai ICC Last and First Ball Tour, and Hyundai Fan Parks during the 2011 ICC World Cup for generating excitement during the duration of the game, as well as promoting their brand.

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