Hyundai Verna “Fluidic” CRDI vs Maruti SX4 DDiS vs Volkswagen Vento TDI vs Fiat Linea Multijet


A person watching a TV channel would come to know that there are many cultural changes coming across in the music from India or from the West. Even the Arab nations have a different set of instruments and music theme in mind. The same trend is followed amongst the car designing companies. Some like the Koreans adopt a wait and steal attitude. Whereas the Germans are more like bringing up their own designs however with a sense of staidness. The Japanese on the other hand were earlier known for their staid designs however as of now, they have being putting out some of the best designs in the automotive business. Proof is the Maruti Swift and the SX4. One more comes in the form of the Maruti Kizashi. But are we here to discuss the design policies of the different regions or is it just that this thought crossed our minds? The answer lies in the new Hyundai Verna “Fluidic” which was launched recently in India. When the news of its arrival started pouring in as early as January 2011, people withheld their bookings, then came another news about the launch of the 2011 Ford Fiesta, so the car sales in the mid size segment slowed down all the more. However in between, came in the SX4 diesel and things started to look more rosy or even confusing. Don’t believe us, check out article of Maruti SX4 Zdi vs Volkswagen Vento Tdi vs Fiat Linea MultiJet and the related comments. So today, we have the Maruti SX4 DDiS in India competing against the Hyundai Verna “Fluidic” CRDI in India, the Fiat Linea Multijet in India and the Volkswagen Vento TDI in India. Its actually a war between the 4 distinct regions namely Italy, Japan, Germany and Korea. The battle ground is India.


Well, lets talk about the newest contender in here, the Hyundai Verna “Fluidic” CRDI in India. Yes, its not a revolution as far as design from the older Verna Transform is concerned but it still is eye catching. Hyundai have been harping about finding a new design philosophy and have named it as the Fluidic Design language. Seems that they have been inspired by a water drop. The new Verna looks like a Korean fish. The familiar family face, which first showed up in the 2011 i10 is now part of the Verna as well. The hexagonal grille frame is said to be a Hyundai original. The L shaped fog lamps however seem to have been inspired from the Volvo S60’s tail lamps. Twin tail pipes are unique in this comparison. Next up is the Fiat Linea, which is the design champ in this segment. People just fall in love with this big looking sedan from Fiat. The Maserati inspired face for both the Punto and the Linea work in their favor. The head lamps has a stance which shows that most of the bulk is concentrated in the front whereas the rear end has been nicely integrated culminating into petal shaped tail lamps with a slight LED feature in them. As for the Maruti SX4, it looks like a cross between a sedan and SUV. Its bold stance cannot be emulated by any other car in here. It actually looks a Japanese in here with its boy racer aspirations poking out from every nook and cranny. The added on body kit in the top end variant only heightens this feeling. Except for the Vento and the SX4, the other two cars come with 16 inch wheels while the former two make do with 15 inchers. The Volkswagen Vento looks very solidly hewn and more Poloish in its appearance than the Linea with its Punto snout. The Vento also has a traditional looking Volkswagen tail lamps.

Well, there is still nothing that is going to turn over the Volkswagen Vento’s clean lines. Next in comes the Fiat Linea, the Maruti SX4 and then the Hyundai Verna “Fluidic”.


Oh well, inside the story is very much different than on the outside. Some of the cars stick true to their exterior design while some make one feel as if they have entered a different car. Take the case of the SX4 diesel. It may have got lots of detailed styling in the exteriors however the interior trim is not upto the mark. In isolation, it may seem good however in this company, it has already started to show its dated nature. The steering wheel is the same one which is now being shared with half a dozen Marutis, It boasts of audio controls on the steering wheel though. There is a big speedometer and besides it, lies the tachometer and rest of the stuff. The steering is adjustable for rake however it doesn’t telescope. The music system as also the climate control are integrated and have a feel good factor to them. The interiors however aren’t as subtle as the ones in the Vento which, even though, is a new car, dates back to the time when Skoda from the Volkswagen stable first entered India. The dash materials are soft to touch however they mimic the exterior features and look too boring. Moreover, there is seriously a lack of features. It’s the only car here which comes without steering mounted controls. The steering wheel however is adjustable and a comfortable position can be achieved by the driver. The meter dials are a separate unit and have a multi information display between them which displays average fuel economy and rest of the stuff. As for the Fiat Linea, the two tone interiors are exactly the same as one would expect from this classy Italian. The steering wheel is an all black thing with leather wrapping. The meter dials however look retro but look nice when they are lit up. The fonts however are hard to read. While everything looks high quality, some fit and finish leaves a bit desired. However the Linea comes kitted with equipment and some innovative ones like the Blue & Me at that. Now, the odd ball design amongst all in this comparison, the Hyundai Verna. Well, the Verna even eclipses the Linea as far as equipment is concerned. The dashboard is one swoopy thing and falls back well in line to give it an overall waterfall effect. There is a cooled glove box, Ioniser equipped climate control system, Inner mirror rear parking camera and many other stuff. The Linea makes do without a cooled glove box as also the rear parking camera. As for the Vento, it cannot even hope to match this features while being nearly available at the same price.

Now comes the comfort factor. Shorter passengers would find that the Linea’s steering wheel comes too close to the chest. This would take some time getting used to. The SX4 with its tall proportions ensures that getting in and out of the cabin isn’t a hassle. For the Hyundai Verna, passenger would think it’s a cozy fit however once inside the cabin, people would appreciate the roominess and the use of beige to lighten up the cabin and bring about a sense of more roominess. The Vento is the only one in this comparison to bring in a lever which can be used to move the front passenger seat a bit ahead to liberate more leg room in the rear. The Verna’s rear leg room space isn’t that great and hence fitting in taller passengers would be a chore. But the Verna apart from the SX4 is the only one here which can accommodate three passengers with ease. The Verna has the flattest floor of all the 4 cars here. As for the Linea, it is a bit on the lower side and ingress egress seems to be a bit of problem. However in the rear, head room is lower than the others in its class. If you are looking for only seating comfort, then it’s the SX4 for you. Both the Linea and Vento come with rear individual AC vents, which proved to be very useful in the May end summer heat.

As for boot space, all the three cars here are equally placed with the Verna boasting the slightest edge out here. Cubby holes are aplenty in the new Verna, just like the I20. The Vento is the one which provides the least cubby holes. Build quality in the new Verna is comparable with the Vento. The Fiat and also the Maruti are similar in their build quality stakes.

The SX4 ranks third as far as goodies are concerned but has the maximum space. The Verna comes in second as far as space is concerned while on the goodies front, she ranks in number one. For the Vento, it comes in last as far as goodies are concerned but comes in first place as far as overall comfort is measured. For the Linea, it ranks in second for the goodies and last for the optimal use of space.

Handling and ride quality

All the cars here come with McPherson struts in the front with a stabilizer bar however at the rear, things shape up differently with the suspension varying here. The Verna is the softest of the lot and this means a fantastic ride quality. Bobbing and pitching action has been well controlled than the earlier version. On rough roads, the Hyundai Verna “Fluidic” CRDI in India just continues on its path without being unfazed. It also has a good ground clearance which means scrapping the nose or underpinnings on speed breakers isn’t a problem. On the highway, the equation reverses and the Verna feels slightly unstable and reluctant to change directions quickly. This may be down to the steering wheel which simply put, doesn’t have any life in it. The Verna is a mix and match since its 1.6 liter diesel is more suited for highway driving and aggressive one at that. There is lots of body roll on offer as well. Next up is the Maruti SX4 DDiS in India with its stiffly setup suspension. The ground clearance is even higher than some of the SUVs. This means that notorious speed breakers in your city would be dispatched without even a whimper. But the passengers would whimper a bit with the hard edged ride quality. On the highway, the SX4, even with its tall dimensions doesn’t seem too prone to crosswinds and holds its line very well. The steering wheel is also communicative but it takes a slot more effort than the Verna to turn it. Its gives a labored and heavier feel to it. As for the handling, it is predictable and inspite of its taller dimensions, the SX4 manages to attack corners well. Where the SX4 feels a bit reluctant to attack corners, the Volkswagen Vento seems delighted at spotting them. The steering wheel in the Vento has reasonable feedback for the driver and give him assurance that all is well. As for the ride quality, the Volkswagen Vento TDI in India absorbs all road undulations very well. However it lets in a bit of the ruts and ride quality is just a bit harder than the Verna. For the highway stability, the Vento feels extremely stable. However its front overhangs mean that scraping over speed breakers is an issue. The Fiat Linea Multijet in India is one car which has been tuned aptly for the Indian conditions. It has a suspension which is not too hard and coupled with the long wheelbase, give a stable ride quality. It does let the occupant know that there are some road imperfections however never too disconcerting to give the spinal cord a true workout. For the handling front, it is one eager beaver but the ground clearance is lowest of the lot and hence one has to be careful over speed breakers and stuff. Also visibility is a slight problem due to the sloping rear roof. However its steering wheel is the most communicative of the lot and hence lets the driver know what is going on beneath. However maneuverability in town is a bit of an issue since the Fiat has a bigger turning circle.

NVH is one of the lowest in the new Verna and after that comes the Fiat Linea followed closely by Maruti SX4 and Volkswagen Vento.

As for the best choice in the ride and handling category, it would be the Volkswagen Vento followed by the Linea, Verna and SX4.

Engine, performance and fuel efficiency

Two of the cars here share their engines and those happen to be the Fiat Linea and the Maruti SX4. The 1248 cc engine makes 93 Ps of power and 209 Nm of torque in the Linea whereas in the SX4, it is 90 Ps of power and 200 Nm of torque. Both these cars have 5 speed transmissions. The petrol SX4 had a slightly notchier shift action, which has been totally eliminated in the new diesel. Infact, the diesel shifts quite unobtrusively. The Fiat Linea also has a gearbox which is a willing one but with long throws. The 0-100 kmph figure for the Linea was 14.6 seconds whereas for the SX4, it was 13.7 seconds, a good one second difference. Both the cars have approximate top speeds in excess of 160 kmph. For the Volkswagen Vento, it is a 1.6 liter common rail turbo engine which develops 105 Ps of power and 250 Nm of torque. Turbo lag is apparent but not so much as in the Linea or SX4. This engine along with the smooth shifting 5 speed manual transmission enables the Vento to post a time of 11.6 seconds for the 0-100 kmph run whereas top speed is close to 180 kmph. As for the new member on the block, the Hyundai Verna, it boast of an all new engine for the Indian market. This 1.6 liter engine is a common rail Variable Geometry Turbo unit which pumps out 128 Ps of power and 260 Nm of torque, which are the highest figures in this comparison. It is mated with a 6 speed manual which is one of the slickest gearboxes which we have tested recently. It enables the Verna to move past the 0-100 barrier within 10.5 seconds. It also registers a top speed of 190 plus.

The Hyundai Verna Fluidic has got all wheel disc brakes which none of the others in this competition boast of. Needless to say, there is no fuss from the car whilst coming to a complete stop. However the brake pedal feel, like the earlier Verna is still wooden and it doesn’t inspire much confidence. ABS and EBD contribute to the decent stopping distances by the Verna. The Vento has got a brake pedal which communicates the most to the driver and hence is confidence inspiring. It only gets ABS as a company. For the SX4, it is EBD and ABS coupled with drums at the rear and discs in the front. The Fiat Linea also has a Verna mimicking brake pedal feel but one with a wee bit more of confidence. It also has got ABS and EBD for assisting it in retardation duties. In the safety features stakes, it is the new Verna which comes out on top with a collapsible steering column and never seen before 6 airbags. The others have 2 air bags for company along with a steering that collapses and side intrusion beams. Speaking of security features, the central locking in the Vento is actually a security hazard since only the driver can lock the door and unlock it for all the 5 passengers. This is seen in other VW group cars as well.

For the fuel efficiency stakes, if one thinks that the new Verna Fluidic has got the fuel efficiency sacrificed at the altar of the performance, then you are wrong. It has an ARAI certified fuel efficiency of 22.32 kmpl which translates to an overall 15.8 kmpl. The Fiat Linea Multijet has an ARAI certified fuel efficiency figure of 18.3 kmpl which however in the overall stakes comes down to 14.9 kmpl. The Volkswagen Vento TDI returns an overall 14.8 kmpl against the ARAI figure of 20.5 kmpl. As for the Maruti SX4 DDiS, it’s a real world figure of 14.6 stacked against the ARAI certified 21.5 kmpl.

Its easy to see here that the Hyundai Verna “Fluidic” CRDI in India has got the better engine with safety features and better fuel efficiency. It is followed by the Fiat Linea, Volkswagen Vento and the Maruti SX4.


As far as the verdict goes in this test, the Vento wins the overall comparison. However that is not the real verdict. A person buying a Rs 10 lakhs car would obviously want his car to have nice interiors, which the Vento simply doesn’t have. Don’t get us wrong here. The Vento has a good, solid cabin but one which is staid by its appearance and lack of features. The latter is the most irritating part in this car. Stack that up against Volkswagen’s weak dealer network and the prospect of owning a Vento diminishes into oblivion. So out goes the Vento out of the window. Next down is the Maruti SX4 diesel. It has the same cabin which seems Spartan as compared with the Verna. However it has Maruti dealer and service network as a good backup plus the lower cost of spares as compared with any other car in this category. Now, it’s the turn of the Fiat Linea. The Linea has its share of handsomeness thrown in along with a beautiful cabin filled with features. However in the main stakes and that is interior space, form takes over function. Its fuel efficiency is a surprise package and the Linea has the big car feel. So, this leaves the new Verna “Fluidic”. The new Verna has got its beautifully sculpted interiors as a plus point and the bomb of a CRDI engine which not only is highly energetic but also very fuel efficient. However its looks are a big no-no and its wish wash handling. However it delivers that all important feel good factor which only the Linea can match somewhat. Plus the sales and service part is almost at par with Maruti if a trifle more costly.

The price of these sedans also are different in their characteristics. The Fiat Linea Multijet price in India for the top end variant ends at Rs 906320 while the Hyundai Verna “Fluidic” CRDI price in India is Rs 10.98 lakhs. The Maruti SX4 DDiS price in India is Rs 9.98 lakhs whereas the Volkswagen Vento TDI price in India is Rs 10.61 lakhs. All these prices are ex-show room, Mumbai.

Our pick of the day is the new Verna followed by the Volkswagen Vento, Fiat Linea and the SX4.

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  1. hi, althought he review is pretty exhaustive n provides good info but I m surprized that the sx4 has been rated at the end! although Linea s a good car but somehow it has not really been accepted by the Delhi market maybe due to bad after sales service….Vento s doing pretty well n so s Sx4. I m sure the new Verna s gonna join the party!

    I drive approx 50kms daily n delhi. Pls advise if I shld go for sx4 Petrol zxi, Cng or Diesel since I plan t keep th car for min 8 yrs. After sales service, fuel efficiency & low maintenance r my areas of concern!

  2. The facts on the Fiat Linea Multi-Jet is completely wrong!! Its a 1300, 114 P.S Engine with Turbo Jet and is the most powerful amongst the lot ( 0-100 in 10.4 Seconds)

    ALso it has all disc brakes and 205 tyres ( as against 195 in all others).

    Please check facts because this is an otherwise useful article

    1. The variant that you are talking about is the petrol one whereas we have compared diesels here and the Linea is available with a 1.3 liter multijet diesel engine as also 1.4 liter petrol engine with and without the turbocharger.

  3. I think no car can compare with the Hyundai Fluidic Verna.It is a car that redifines style,power and luxury.By just seeing it you are sure that it has the best features,shape,interior and exterior.The colours are fantastic.The 1.4 petrol and diesel engine had good power and speed.The 1.6 petrol and diesel engine ,you cant say a thing about them.The power and speed in the 1.6 petrol and diesel engines I am sure that no car can have this type of mileage.Even petrol engine have mileage of 17 to 24.The diesel engine have mileage of 23 to 30.Its the best sedan in the world.

  4. i had the ever green honda city in mind and almost went for it this april, my decision was held back when i came to know about the new verna, with all the goodies added and the fresh looking design of the car.
    now, im little confused. please suggest which one should i pick…
    new verna or the city?

    1. i thnk verna fludic for all money. with such grt features ,superb handling n exceptional power this z the pick over city.

  5. I think no car in this segment can compare with New Hyundai verna is having a stylish korean design,performance,power &speed.By just seeing it to you are sure that having attractive interiors, also comes with 2 crdi engines having 1.6 & gives a higher power output and performance to the car as a diesel rocket..The petrol engine is also smooth and delivers higher output…Yes it the good midsize sedan in the world.

  6. After seeing all the reviews here and there; and finally testing all the four cars above I finally bought new Verna Fluidic. There is no comparison with the rest, at least for now.

  7. recently had a test drive with the new verna. Its excellant looks and every thing else impressive.But when you sit behind the car there is significant roll even in a short city test drive and absolute discomfort to rear passengers. some serious design defect

  8. after reading the reviews it seems the New Verna is giving better features n more fuel economy in this section…though I m yet to take a test ride…maybe today or tomorrow!
    The SX4 needs to provide some better features, fuel economy to be back in the race…in this segment!

  9. Hey folks,
    did anyone notice that Hyundai charges Rs. 9000 something for extended warranty on Verna for additional one year, whereas Fiat charges Rs. 5400 something for extended warranty on Linea for two years. This means Hyundai charges almost Rs. 4000 more than Fiat, and what’s more, Hyundai gives only one year additional warranty and the mileage for that warranty period is also less. This means Hyundai has lesser confidence in its engine and gearbox compared to the Linea which has one of the finest diesel engines in the world, which is also proven by the fact that almost 10 cars on Indian roads are powered by the Fiat’s multijet engine. Congrats Fiat. Anyone reading this should understand that the Linea will never have any shortage of engine parts or whatsoever. Moreover the service costs are also cheaper. Hope people make a well-informed decision and buy the Linea.

  10. ya I agree, the rear seat of the new Vento is not very comfortable although they have done a good job (like Honda City) to create more leg room…but overall the dimensions & space in the SX4 is much more (but fuel economy is a major concern here….)

  11. Very good review & the comments, I just wanna say.. in terms of overall performance, I would put Verna at 1st position, SX4 on 2nd and 3rd Vento, Fial Linea not worth taking in comparison, no matter what she is capable of. Koreans are doing amazing job, let it be LCD’s, LED’s, Android phones, Shipping industry etc. No doubt they have better cars with amazing technology over Japanese and even Western countries. I never thought I would say all this for a Hyundai car as am a great fan of Maruti cars because of their services, performance and the best resale value. I have booked my 1st ever Hyundai car i.e. Fluidic (I would prefer calling Fluidic and not Verna) top end manual diesel model. I wish I get it soon as dealers have told me 8 months waiting. If I have to wait for more than a month, I would go for SX4 diesel.

  12. After all, every thing comes down to brand values..People goes for brands..

    So, by the heritage of Audi, BMW , Merc and VW – Vento is no.1
    Then, japanes, SX4 at no. 2
    Then, copying Korean at no.3
    and last Fiat.

  13. twice i have taken the test drive from the dealer i have never ever seen the car like korean fish instead of saying fish we can say ship

  14. i think vw vento is the best in this segment,but need to be some changes in interior,get luxery feel.

  15. This is a fantastic article to compare the cars available. Thanks for that.
    Now i am confused between Verna and VW Vento to choose between them. I travel ~50km a day please suggest a suitable car.

      1. Hi Lijo,

        Why did u pick the VW Vento over the Fluidic Verna CRDI as in your article you have picked Verna over the Vento? Which is the better diesel sedan of the 2??
        Please Advise.

          1. Verna fluidic is best, vento lacks interiors n looks big time. After sales n services just pathetic.

          2. ANHV is good package but please dont recommend it blindly, the buyer has to pick one to his priorities.Fiat Linea scores over verna when it comes to- hadling, ride qualty,highway stabilty,steering feel accuracy and feedback,build strength,safety,backseat comfort,Looks(subjective),proven diesel engine,blue and me,.IF you want peace of mind over everything pick verna…

  16. I have both car Verna fluidic 1.6 dsl(drive 2000) and VW vento dsl(drive 14000)
    vento seems more punchy as it produce 250nm at just 1500rpm verna take time 260nm at 1900rpm ( not know 0-100)
    verna not stable at higher speed 140kmph vento stable at 170kmph
    verna have great looks than vento but vento lengthy by 14mm
    AC of vento is much better than verna
    interiors of verna more stylish than vento but Verna’s int. get easily scratched (plastic parts)
    both having approx same mileage 17kmpl in city highway 20kmpl
    gear shift more smooth of vento than verna
    Overall vento seems solid & for build up Quality Verna lacks
    Go for brand VW
    Do not compare SX4 and Linea with verna and vento as their weaker engine.

  17. please note the points from your message Mr.amit, verna int. stylish/verna have great looks than vento. yes,obviously this both are very important when u buy a car for 10 lks the car should have great looks. so verna is the best car than other cars.

    1. Satthar thier is no doubt that verna is more stylish than vento but quality of vento is better than verna, also compare paint job

    2. looks are subjective….vento is clean no nonsense german design..verna is aggressive but not timeless or classy like the fiats

  18. Hi Lijo,

    Thanks for a great review. Please do let us have your views on the four cars for:
    a) Value for money
    b) Ground clearance (for Indian road conditions)

  19. Great forum & valuable discussions indeed. Looking exactly for a similar forum. I am greatly confused after booking a Verna 1.6 CRDI SX, which will be delivered approx. in mid August. But I am worried after learning the stability issues of the Verna. How serious it is? Is it a deal breaker for some one who likes to drive. Mr. Amit has remarked that at 140 kmph Verna is not stable whrere as Vento is even at 170 kmph. I do n’t mind even a petrol since my usage will be very less ( approx 10,000 k.m annually) . How is City compared to Verna 1.6 CRDI as far as driving pleasure is concerned.

    Hi Amit!

    Since you own both Verna & Vento, plz. comment on the followings:
    1. In which car the cabin is more silent & by what margin. I had test driven both cars. Vento’s engine was very vocal where as Verna’s was quite refined.
    2. Upto what speed you feel confident in Verna. The engine seems capable of hitting 170 kmph or even more quite easily.
    3. In Vento, I felt the left knee was seriously brushing against the dash & I could not find a comfortable driving position. I am 5’9″. Your comments?
    4. Is AC of Verna has insufficient cooling or have problems like i-20? Here the temp. goes to 45 C in summer. I feel AC effectiveness is a must for Indian conditions.
    5. Have you felt that the ground clearance of Verna is a concern?
    6. Any idea about spare parts cost of Vento.

    Your feedback will help me taking a better decision.

    1. verna is not for people who like to drive, due to light and unresponsive steering,body roll,unsorted handling etc.

      generally hyundais are not good for enthusaists….

      if you are comfortable with petrol then do look at fiat linea Tjet,its specifically for enthusiasts with powerful turbo engine with good looks,all four discs,16 inch alloys,,enhanced ground clearance,best in class equipment,handling,ride etc

      driving comfort from enthusists POV goes like this

      Linea Tjet>Vento diesel>Honda city petrol>Vento petrol>Verna diesel>verna petrol

      also do consider the all new ford fiesta its said to be a fantastic car to drive

      if you want diesel then verna and vento diesel scores here.Linea diesel is a bit sluggish,also ground clearance is low,Ac is average,same with interior quality.But has fantastic ride and handling.Volkswagen can be expensive to maintain but its the real owners who are to speak on this.

  20. I like fiat linea very much…in all aspects…….but the after sales service is the the only thing i worried about….and i think the body panels of the hyundai cars are not strong….i hav an xperience with my cousin’s simply kissed the bumper of a swift at a speed of 5km/hr and its fender got bent….

  21. Hi Chittaranjan Pradhan!
    1 Cabin space is more in Vento and also boot but it not an issue minor differ.
    2. I was not able to drive Verna above 140 due to instability but no issue with Vento at 170 both was driven on Jaipur high way
    3 I have no issue as I am 5’7″ Driver seat may be adjusted
    4 AC is not much effective of verna compare to vento
    vento ac chill in 10 min. even at still verna take 20 min
    5 ground clearance is not issue
    6 I purchase vento after comparing spare parts of vento with SX4 issued by vw dealer
    7 If you are looking for petrol go with honda city
    8 In final vento is clean winner but also verna is not a looser as verna is more stylish than vento

  22. Good review & Great discussion indeed. But what’s confusing me here is how could people go by what other people say? Let him be a master in car knowledge!
    Guys, go and compare yourself, take the car on highway and drive, I have driven all the cars many times, and many things here are just rubbish. Am not saying people are lying here, all am saying is what I see and feel while driving a car will not be the same for other person. I have driven Verna Flidic upto 150 kms and din’t find any problem in stability, steering is very light no doubt but if the driver is good, he can easily handle the car. Even if I go by what people say, 90% of the time I drive in city and in city you hardly tough above 100 speed. Verna is very responsive in terms of city driving with amazingly light steering. Looks matter a lot to me, infact looks comes 1st, after all i have to drive the car for min. 3/4 years. Overall, Verna Fluidic is the best, let it be features, after sales & services (VW & fiat is pathetic in that). These German’s don’t even provide 5th allow which is ridiculous. I would suggest Verna to all.

  23. dear Lijo, Friends,
    1. pls advise with user feedback between Honda City & Vento Petrol 2. also, till when do U think the current discounts will be applicable
    3rdly when is the new Honda City expected

    thnks n advance!

    1. Hi Harry… Below info for you…
      1. Honda City is better then Vento anyday…
      2. Discounts are valid till Diwali (could extend max by December as Verna is still leading the segment with bookings crossing 20,000 mark & waiting period of 4/5 months)…
      3. All new City is expected to hit the Indian roads by the second half of year 2012…


      1. Thanks Kunal
        I m plannin t go for S MT honda city, where can I get good quality alloy wheels from & which tyre size should be good since I have heard that the 175 tyres are skinny & not ideal for this powerful car…
        any recommended brands/supplier……in Delhi

        1. Check out karol bagh dude… you get all kinda stuff there… try to get a deal from Honda showroom and ask them to change company fitted alloys and tyres at the time of booking and see if they can offer you such deal… I have heard people doing this with TATA. If so with them, get new tyres and alloys before deliver of the car, by this you can save some money… As in market you wont get more then 10k for new tyres n alloys. Also, I would strongly suggest you to go for Fluidic as new city will be coming next year and your car will become older version in just 1 year… I would never go for such car specially if am spending a million…. Cheers!!

  24. For me safety comes first and here Linea scores way over the rest. Its known to be a car built like a tank (just touch the linea and you will know its sturdy).

    The larger wheel base coupled with broader tires etc make it very stable on the road – specially at high speeds.

    Considering its a heavy car, fiat has done a marvellous job in ensuring good fe with very low mainteance costs (only comparable to a maruti).

    1. Hi Burzin
      plaese find rusting problem with fiat linea on google vw comes with 6 year anti perforation warranty

  25. I rate the fluidic verna the top. It combines all the good features of the rest of the sedan in this segment. I appreciate the mileage, gud lukin interiors ,fantastic exterior and the power. I think the honda city image has faded after the arrival of the fluidic as the mileage is higher for verna. Moreover the diesel variant is not available with honda city ….Next comes vento then sx4

    1. Totally agree with U Sree.. But I would prefer SX4 after Verna Fluidic.. In terms of cabin space, heavy looks, resale value, brand trust factor and after sales and services and price too, I would prefer SX4 over Vento… So sx4 is second option for me after Verna Fluidic..

      1. +s for the Verna:

        * Futuristic Looks
        * Cheaper to maintain
        * Softer and plush ride
        * Hyundai A.S.S
        * Loaded with safety features and gizmos
        * Powerful 1.6l engine with fastest 0-100 kms (10.2 secs)
        * Good FE
        * Highest top speed 195(almost in D segment)

        -s for the Verna:

        * Soft suspension means high speed handling is disappointing along with cornering and maneuverability
        * EPS has no feel or feedback almost dead
        * Mapping is linear unlike the old Verna so you don’t get that earlier kind of jerk some may like it though
        * Interior plastic, buttons, door lever & handle quality poor at places
        * Rear seat space & comfort pretty average
        * Lighter metal body with low ground clearance especially when fully loaded
        * Overall paint, metal, fit & finish quality lesser as compared to Vento

        +ves for Vento:

        * Excellent Build Quality almost “Tank” like
        * Understated Looks with the cleanest lines
        * EPS feedback is way better than the Verna
        * Handles way better than the Verna both in city and on highway even in excess of 185
        * Engine feel is powerful especially after 40 right upto 180 this car is the best among the lot to drive more like a beast making overtaking a joke
        * Excellent gearbox, shifting is effortless, precise and fun
        * High speed braking and cornering is impressive especially in the ghats its a breeze
        * Suspension will take the worst of potholes and speed breakers with ease without affecting overall ride quality
        * Chilling A/C especially for super hot summers
        * VW brand name and German reliability

        -ves for Vento:

        * Limited A.S.S centres
        * Slightly Expensive to maintain as compared with Verna
        * Long Waiting period especially for Diesel Highline model
        * Basic sound system lacking usb and steering controls
        * Lesser equipment levels as compared to competition
        * Less choice of colours
        * Large hump at the centre of rear floor makes the third person behind uncomfortable

        You can’t go wrong with either of the two.

        Verna, if you want more modern looks, comfort, good service and a powerful engine.

        Vento if you like understated looks, ride quality, handling and a VW tag to brag.

          1. @ harry …not driven petrol verna for a long time to comment on a proper comparison of the three but would in my opinion it has to be Vento, City Verna in order for petrol reason being
            Looks: City except for rear followed by Verna & Vento
            Fit & Finish: Vento, City, Verna
            Engine: City has best engine which is buttery smooth & silent very good for day to day driving followed by Verna & Vento slight noisy of the two but surprisingly fuel efficient even under hard driving which is worst in Verna 6-7 kms under worst traffic conditions as reported by more than 5 owners.
            Next door car dealer already has around 3 new petrol vernas less than 2 months and 1500 kms for sale confirming this.
            Gearshift: Vento especially automatic which is slick and precise followed by City & Verna which is worst
            Handling: Vento with the most precise in city traffic & highway followed by City and Verna.
            Ride Quality: Vento especially even fully loaded does not bottom out even on worst mumbai roads.
            Verna is surely better than City which I feel is good with only 2-3 passengers.
            Interior space: City is best here followed by Vento & Verna
            Mileage: Honda City: 9.5 -15 kms in city depending on traffic ( horrible bumper to bumper and 15-20 kms on highway
            VW Vento: 8 – 14 kms in city depending on traffic ( horrible bumper to bumper and 14-19 kms on highway
            Hyundai Verna:7 – 15 kms in city depending on traffic ( horrible bumper to bumper and 15 -19 kms on highway
            After Sales support: No.1 Honda followed by Hyundai & VW
            Resale: Honda, VW, Hyundai

  26. Dear Mushi,

    Nice copy paste work dude.. Anyways, am not agreeing for most of the things but no point in arguing as its about choice. All cars sell so no point we fight for Verna or Vento. But I would like to ask you a couple of things…

    If ride quality, handling, brand name is what you want in a car & if you belongs to a rich family, then why would you go for VW Vento? Why not BMW, MERC or AUDI? Mostly service class people with good enough pay scale drives C segment sedans and mostly drive in City. In city you do need ride quality & better handling but no one can say Verna is poor in that area. Though am not agreeing that Vento wins over Verna in this area. With all amazing first in segment features available, Verna is a sure hit against Vento (& in terms of price too).

    In a sedan costing a million rupees, people would love to have all the features which you need on daily basis, for eg: Reverse camera (one of the best feature of Verna) with sensors, Clean air A/c, Bluetooth connectivity, Push Button start/stop, automatic folding outer rear view mirror & most importantly after sales service in which vento lacks a big time.

    If a German brand with poor looks & a diesel engine is all what you need without any features & only with lil bitz of good handling costing you a million rupees then VW Vento is the car for you.

    If a person is looking for a fully loaded car in terms of Power, in terms of features, in terms of safety (6 air bags), in terms of after sales & service, in terms of interior quality/looks, in terms of reliable proven engine, in terms of re-salve value & most importantly in terms of fresh looks, then Verna Fluidic is the sedan for you.


    1. Rightly said kunal its about personal choice especially the things you fancy when driving.
      For me vento provides pure driving pleasure in all aspects as compared to verna especially when it comes to pure ride quality and handling. As for mercs, audis, bmws they belong to a different segment so can’t compare the characteristics but since you yourself have mentioned that most service class people with good pay scale drive C segment cars mostly in the city and less on highway and any which ways in both places you need good ride quality and handling which is much superior in the vento as compared to verna justifies its strength in everyday performance.
      As far as features are concerned verna no doubt has and edge over vento but thats not a deal breaker in my opinion as I wouldn’t sacrifice performance over the former.
      As for the features like push button, reverse camera.. tell me how many people have used it before and how it affects the driving part.
      Blue tooth, reverse camera etc …one can surely upgrade the music system for around 10-40k and can get better sound quality and camera or more so add an amp along with performance speakers and so on. However electric outer rear view mirrors are available with vento top end model also and with most of the other day to day usefull features + some unique features like all way steering adjustment, lever on the back seat except for some that verna scores on.
      As for after sales service if most of the driving is in the city like you mentioned than it should not be an issue as VW has some of the most innovative and modern service stations & equipment with highly trained staff to take care off in all major cities + 24 X 7 emergency all india helpline.
      Also as per customer reviews VW cars have service interval of 15,000 kms after which the service cost is approximately 5.5k which according to me is pretty standard compared to other brands for a diesel.
      The vento sure does not match the verna in the looks department but in no way you can say it looks poor.
      Again its personal choice infact it looks far mature & classy with the cleanest lines than the verna and as years would pass it would surely age much more gracefully than the verna which looks more kind of modified.
      Plus icing on the cake is the much more proven 1.6 tdi engine which feels more torquey for day to day driving. These VW tdi engines have done 4-5 lac kms in countries like turkey, russia, south africa and still feel new goes to show its reliability.
      Also 6 airbags and most of the above features that you have mentioned for verna are only available in the top end model which is a good 1-1.5 lac more than vento.
      What is the use of so much power when the car cannot handle it.. I mean your not going to race in a straight line every day.
      Also the verna braking is kind of wooden feel and car does not inspire any confidence when going into corners or emergency braking.
      VW cars pass a very strict & high standard safety test worldwide and are renowned for it.
      2 airbags+ Seat Belts + German Tank body + better handling and control are much safer than the all loaded verna in my opinion in the city & especially on the highways.
      So please inspect & test drive both cars for a good long time personally to make your choice and spend your hard earned money wisely !!!

      1. Good write up Mushir… I agree with your points but as mentioned earlier, its all about choice. We do not need to mention here about features, engine, stability, grip n stuff like that because Verna has already proved a big success by 22,000 bookings in less than 2 months. This shows what people want in a C segment sedan. City was leading the segment, then came Vento, after Vento with close to 3000 bookings and after Vento sx4 diesel came with 5000+ bookings. All i tried to say here is while buying a car costing you a million rupees, you don’t just look at the stability, ride quality though you can’t say Verna is poor in ride quality etc. In so called ride quality, stability etc there are other cars in the market which scores even better then Vento. But am not mentioning all those car coz we are talking only about V & V.
        Off-course you can get installed rear view camera, sensors, leather seat covers & other stuff in your car from outside but what about push button start/stop & key less entry (which you need every time you use your car) , clean air a/c, better looking interiors, better looking looks? All am saying is when you look for a sedan, you would want all the features in your car factory installed and not run shops after shops for all the features. In a year or 2, all sedans & hatchback cars will come in the market with similar features and this is where Vento and other car lack big time in this segment. Why would anybody want a car which is already a year older in front of Fluidic Verna? Am talking here from my point of view, I drive my car 90% in the city and 10% on highways. Vento lack all this and this would also affect her resalve value when you would plan to sell Vento after 2 or 3 years. You may call all this fancy but Verna has already proved it and Swift is proving it further in hatchbacks with 38000 bookings.
        As far as safety is concerned, Verna is a sure winner when compared with all the C-sedans in India and you can’t get 6 air bags from outside. You do look for ride quality but safety comes first and pricewise the difference between both the cars – Rs. 84,412 and not 1-15 lac (Verna Fluidic 1.6 crdi sx opt manual Vento Highline Diesel manual – auto not available). In just Rs. 84,412, you are getting Push button start/stop, key less entry, leather seat covers, clean air a/c (cluster lonizer), rear camera and sensors, blue-tooth connectivity with steering mounted call controls, electro-chromic auto dim inside rear view mirror, LED turn indicators, 2 din mp3 player with Aux-in + usb + iPod cable (a very basic & must have requirement in every car n not just a sedan), impact sensing for auto door unlocking, rear disk brakes, 5nos 16” alloy wheels (where as in Vento you get only 4nos of 15” alloy wheels & 14” steel spare wheel) etc. Thats too much in just Rs. 85000 dude.
        Now let’s talk about sales service, are you trying to say that only VW has most innovative & modern service stations & equipments with highly trained staff? They why are they begging in front of Maruti? They have very few service stations dude and Hyundai is India’s No.2 car company with service centres all over India. I never said in my review that Vento is a poor car, I have always mentioned that Vento is a nice car after verna in terms of power only. Looks wise there are many better looking cars like sx4, city etc. In terms of after sales service, a long way to go for VW.
        VW tdi must have done 4-5 lac kms in countries as you have mentioned above but Verna has done 2 lac kms in India. Verna isn’t a new car engine wise. Verna was only lacking in looks. No doubt Vento has good powerful engine but we are talking about a complete sedan and not few good points of Vento. Verna & Vento, only these cars are the most powerful diesel cars in India in C segment.
        About handling, I can only say that this totally depends on what kind of person is driving the car. Discussing this is completely out of question. No doubts on VW cars passing a very strict & high standard safety tests but we are not discussing all that here. As far as standards are concerned, let me tell you Hyundai is a very big company and they don’t just make cars, they do make huge turbines & engines, all big types of ships (big dry bulkers, large crude oil tankers etc). Hyundai & other Korean companies has left behind China & Japan ship construction business in terms of quality, delivery timing & pricing. Let’s stick to the 2 sedans and not talk about companies.
        I have done a good enough inspection on both the cars and thats the reason I booked my Verna in mid of July and my waiting number is 18k something. I would never go for a car which lacks all the available features in the market. If its only about stability, ride etc then we do have a new car in the market ie Ford Fiesta, again a better looking, amazing mileage, suspension, stability with definitely better looks when compared with Vento. I would never recommend Vento to any of my friend or relatives. Repeating again, Vento isn’t a bad car, but surely not the best in anything.

        1. @ Kunal … could you elaborate on clean air part about verna or do you mean the ioniser by the way vento ac comes fitted with dust & pollen filters which are equally efficient.
          Also can you fit rear ac vents in verna which most C segment cars have ??
          Surely a blessing for the rear passengers especially considering Indian summers.
          Besides its proven that interior space both front & rear along with sitting comfort is superior in Vento compared to Verna which is another advantage.
          Vento has all way steering & seat adjustment which really customizes you driving position for max comfort & performance which verna lacks.
          Full body of all VW cars are laser welded which is only done by VW alongwith zinc galvanising an paint warranty for upto 6 years. (To understand what I mean observe the roof top of all VW cars and it looks like they are made out of a single metal piece no links or joints all single piece body)
          Lots of safety features include cross beam in trunk so that luggage doesn’t intrude into the second row occupants space during rear crash, pinch protection, thicker metal & so on.
          In my opinion even now Vento is better than fluidic verna with all the bells & whistles. When you buy a car there are certain things that you can compromise on and add later – like music system, leather seats, reverse parking sensor etc etc But there are certain things that you can not make an “after market fitment” like – braking efficiency,overall dynamics, build quality, ride quality, space utilization etc.
          You have to decide before hand and set your priorities right before you buy your dream machine.
          Cheers !!

          1. Would agree on most of the points Mushir you’ve got them spot on very help full inputs surely I’ll go for Vento now cause I love that feeling of being in absolute control of my car at all times.

    2. i agree with mushir`s comparo, but the top speed is useless for a car with light steering,soft suspension etc

      a common buyer will only consider factors like mileage,features, looks,brand value resale etc whil an informed and enthusist buyer will seriously consider factors like handling,grip,stability ,cornering ability,steering fedback,passive safety etc and thats where european cars score and thats the reason why i picked up the Linea.
      verna is aimed at the mass market and it ticks all the boxes to become a hit, but for an enthusiast its a strict no…

  27. oh… i am also littel confused to buy a diesel sadan between SX4 diesel and verna fludic i want good interier spece in cabin and fuel efficiency …

  28. I fully agree with Mushir’s comparison. I am driving Petrol HL Vento for last seven months.

    Major outcome:

    1) Driving is city is effortles with EPS and braking.
    2) Fuel efficincy is at par, i am getting 13 Km/lts in city and 18 Km/lt in highways.
    3) AC performs very well event in summer at 45 DegC. Cools rear compartment effectively.
    4) Monsoon..bad problem..perfect ground clearance for indian roads.
    5) Driving, confort, handling — segment best.
    6) Service – till date came across no major problem..
    7) Highway : Driving is pleasure. at high speed.Car feels more safer, under control and gives feeling of security & confidence.


    1. Hi Dvansia, even I agree with Mushir’s comparison {somewhat 😉 }..
      dude just remember, which ever car you own/drive is the best in the segment, no matter what brand/make (not TATA though), with/without features etc. If you have a Vento from last 7 months, no point you reading these reviews. Vento was the best car 7 months back.
      just wanna ask, about your outcomes, why didn’t you consider sx4? Sx4 has the best ground clearance, mini suv kinda feel, good braking with 16″ alloys/tyres, good enough ac, and best service you can ever imagine.. Though mileage could have been a big factor as I have heared sx4 touched 15 max on highways but if you are already getting 18 on highways, thats amazing..
      Enjoy life..

  29. Nice write up again Mushir.. Are you VW employee? Anyways… Verna’s built-in cluster lonizer purifies the cabin air and keep its fresh & healthy mate.. Vento’s dust & pollen filters come fitted in all the sedans but only Verna Fluidic comes with in-built cluster lonizer purifier. Verna do miss rear ac vents but rear vents not that important for me as mostly I drive car and rarely sit on the back side, but yes Verna do miss on rear vents.
    Could you tell me how could you say “its proven that interior space both front & rear along with sitting comfort is superior in Vento compared to Verna which is another advantage??” guess this is what you want people to read and believe. I’m 6’1” tall and i have driven both the cars, and no I don’t agree with you. As far as headroom is concerned, Verna has lil better headroom over Vento & sx4 has the best headroom. All way steering & seat adjustment are a nice add on in Vento but thats not good enough in front of Verna gizmos.
    About leaser welding and stuff like that, I wouldn’t say anything as I change car in every 3 years and would not like to do this deep for a car. You could be right/wrong here as am not able to see these details anywhere on the net. So no comments over here.
    In your opinion Vento is better.. In my opinion Verna is much better than any other sedan in C segment. I told you its about choice. If I have to choose any other diesel sedan other then Verna, I would go for SX4 diesel or Vento.
    Yes definitely you have to compromise certain things when buying a car, just like i can’t add rear vents in Verna, you can’t add key less entry, start/stop button and so many things as mentioned in my previous reply. But wouldn’t it be great if you get entire stuff factory installed in your car? Verna has already proved a massive hit my friend, this shows that people in India prefer gizmos, looks more over German name, lil better ride quality, laser welding and whatsoever stuff you have mentioned above.
    Verna has set a new standard for sedans in India with so many 1st in segment features like chrome dual exhaust pipe, clean air-cluster lonizer, 6 airbags, electro chromic mirror, sensors with camera, smart key with button start, dude how could you miss all that in a sedan costing 10 Lakhs? In a year or so, all the sedans will have these features and you will be driving your Vento with single sheet laser welded sedan with ZERO features and somewhat nice riding quality & stability? C’on dude, Off-course its about choice but you DO NEED all these features in your sedan. Factors which you have mentioned, a person must consider those factors but who cares dude? All we want a car with amazing features, powerful engine, awesome looks and a brand which has already proved track in India and not only in Germany or any other part of the world. Hyundai has done it, and VW will do it for sure in coming time, but as of today, Hyundai is better over VW and has a proven track for their customers. That’s all you want in your car my friend. I wish Maruti has done all this in SX4 diesel with a powerful engine and Verna features as i love this brand and the services they provide with complete satisfaction.


    1. @kunal – are you a employed by hyundai motors India limited?

      verna is not better than vento nor is the reverse.Every car has its strength and weakness ,its the buyer`s choice to his requirements…
      your words reminded me of the hyundai sales executive during my OLD verna test drive…did everything to sell me a verna transform but the ugly styling was enough to scare me away….the new verna has got good looks, the rear is the best part but its copied from merc C class….sad

      1. Hi Jude :O
        No dear am not “employed” at hyundai.. As I have mentioned earlier, its about my choice. Verna isn’t better than Vento is your choice mate, not the people’s choice. Off-course its the buyers choice, but we are discussing about 2 cars here and not buyers choice. In terms of buyers choice, Verna has won the race and you are aware of it. My words could have reminded you some Hyundai executive, but am not any Hyundai executive mate. Old Verna was the most ugliest car in the C segment but with a powerful engine and managed to sell 2000 unites per month. I wonder how could people buy such an ugly car? Anyways, we are discussing about Fluidic Verna and not the old Verna.
        Could you justify your comment “the rear is the best part but its copied from merc C class”??


    2. @ Kunal looks like Hyundai people can never get the Verna dynamics & handling correct right from the 1st edition inspite of having the best diesel heart which sure baffles me after so much R&D.
      By the way you should join Hyundai sales team soon they have been impressed or are you already a part of them. 😉
      Agree with D_Vansia and Jude especially because of all that HYPE created about all the gizmos, new shape, powerfull engine & marketing stuff has the initial sales shoot.
      I would rather have a smile on my face after exiting my ride rather than just grabbing others eyeballs for looks which Vento in no means is a loser as all VW cars are built around the same design platform. The new look Jetta is similar to Vento just longer, broader and more powerfull in 2.0l D segment which by the way are very successful worldwide.
      If you look at the body of both cars you can make out difference as in Verna especially around the door pillar when you open the door one can see wielding joints but in Vento its looks like sculpted from one single sheet. Not saying that those welding joints will come off or something but you can surely see some Great German Engineering which makes the car so special.
      Also feel that Verna’s body would surely start rattling after few years as compared to Vento’s especially the diesel ones.
      @ Mushir ….for day to day city driving or highway blasts the Vento is surely more nimble footed & fun to drive with turbo kicking in early @ 1500 RPM plus a shorter gear shift ..its surely the King of Torque in C segment even better than some D segment cars.
      I think its about what you want from your car that concludes the same …………

      1. Hi Sahi,
        No comments over here dude, I know nothing about what Hyundai doing and when they gonna concentrate on dynamic & handling.. Also driving and handling depends on person to person and their driving experience.. So no point arguing here… I wish Hyundai MD or some other senior personnel check my work here and offer me a good marketing job with good salary package… 😉
        We can say the hype was created by Hyundai, but same has been done by Vento by using “German Technology” and stuff like that. Instead of improving on after sales & services, VW is only concentrating on advertisement. VW cars are good undoubtedly, infact there are only 2 powerful diesel sedans in India, Verna & Vento in C segment, but in overall comparison, Verna wins..
        I have always mentioned that its about choice on what you want, like you would like to go for ride quality and stuff, whereas I would like to go for looks & features and off-course ride quality too, verna ride quality is even better over many other sedans in C segment. You can’t say its poor in Verna. Stability is the matter, Hyundai should have provided some auto-cut or something, but it is what it is, we can’t change it.. Yes you are right here, all VW cars are all most similar, in fact Vento is polo with a bigger back, and polo’s interiors much better then Vento’s..
        About your door pillar and welding joints, mate I specially went deep Hyundai last evening to check this, but din’t able to see any joints anywhere. Off-course when you remove the rubber part, you could see some joints but that is visible in all the cars. Welding is done on all the cars bro, and for your info, welding is far more stronger.. Anyways, I don’t saw what you had mentioned above..
        What could i say about your prediction on Verna body rattling part… Verna isn’t new like Vento, older model is there since 2008 and I haven’t heard that body starts rattling or any sorts..
        Vento is surely great car specially when turbo kicks at 1500 rpm, but in overall comparison, Verna wins… Mileage is also the factor behind Verna’s success..
        Its all about choice guys, I would like to have a car with stronger engine, all the latest features, amazing looks so that I could run the car for next min 3 n max 4 years… Good brand value etc etc… Vento is nice no doubt, specially when it comes to engine, but features & looks wise Vento lose big time.. I wish VW could get fixed foll. things to win the segment;
        1. Features & Looks
        2. After sales & service
        3. Auto gear option specially in C segemnt
        4. 5th Alloy wheel 😉

        Lets see what we gonna get in coming days… Maruti also planning something new for Sx4 after Swift… Lets hope they comes out with really cool stuff as looks wise I really like Sx4 & their amazing service network…

        Cheers Guys!!!!

  30. Dear Kunal,
    Hyundai was there when Honda was ruling the C segment….!
    Hyundai had enough time to break Honda monopoly…b..u..t
    after all..Hyundai failed and could not able to prove his supremecy..

    It is VW who introduced Vento..and single handedly broke Honda’s dominance and kingdom and mindset of people.

    New Verna has just arrived..and due to earlier empact of VW, Verna has benefitted now.
    So, you have to take your own call.

    1. Dear Vansia,
      Off-course Hyundai was there holding overall number 2 position in India at that time when City was leading the C segment. But we are talking about New FLUIDIC VERNA. You can say Verna has benefited or whatever, but the fact is new Verna is now leading the segment. Am not saying now only Verna is selling, all cars sell mate, but we are only taking about Verna & Vento here.
      We are only comparing Verna and Vento, the most powerful C segment sedans here.


  31. Excellent comparo !! Could someone shed light on the new kid Ford Fiesta – with best dýnamics and handling coupled with neo looks , it looks like a show stopper !!

  32. Dear All

    SX4 is the best car i have kept every brand car but guys who give reviews never keep those cars in the long run after 35000 thousand all maintenance related to vv,hyundai and ford will kill you when u want to sell these cars after 3 years you will not get even 50% of the car and also no spares are available for these cars at affordable price

    I think MARUTI cars are still best !

    1. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU GAURAV. No matter what we talk to say, this is the fact.. Maruti cars has the best maintenance record and the best resale value.

  33. i am planning to buy one of these 4 cars – fluidic, Vento, SX4 and Linea. My main consideration is good looks, superb and classy interiors, lot of functions, comfortable to drive & travel. Petrol version only – usage is on 25kms per day.

    1. Sandy, below is what I would recommend dude preference wise…..
      Looks – Fluidic, Sx4, Linea, Vento
      Interiors – Fluidic, Sx4, Linea, Vento
      Functions – Fluidic, Linea, Sx4, Vento
      Comfort – Fluidic, Sx4, Vento, Linea
      Mileage – Fluidic, Vento, Sx4, Linea
      Features – Fluidic, Sx4, Linea, Vento
      Brand – Sx4, Hyundai, Vento, Linea
      After sales & service – Sx4, Hyundai, Vento, Linea
      Resale Value – Maruti, Hyundai, VW
      Cheapest Sedan – Go for TATA

      Overall – If your run is what you have mentioned on daily basis, I would say go for Sx4 or Fluidic, then comes Vento and last would be Linea.


      1. dude – you have rated linea almost last in all parameters – why? i drove it yesterday – interiors were fab (though fluidic looked more appealing), interior features i feel were better than fluidic. looks – i guess fluidic is just above linea. I am going for petrol only. which is the better one (25 kms daily run, want lowest maintenance). googled on linea after sales – got pathetic review – is it actually so bad?

        1. Fiat`s service is nt that bad…they have come a long way from palio days.I have a punto Multijet 90HP .I get good service from Concorde motors.Fiat topped HTmars customer satisfaction survey in 2010.Fiat stood at second position after Maruti in JD power survey 2010 aahead of hyundai and Honda
          Maintanence too is on par with my previous swift.

    2. Sandy, forgot to mention New Fiesta, if money is not the problem, you can also consider Fiesta before or after Fluidic, which ever you like more… But the only problem with ford is maintenance..

    3. Hi Sandy, If your usage is only 25 Kms a day and opting to go for a petrol version only. Why don’t you try Honda City. As of now city is Value for Money deal for me. I know that you wont get some features like Bluetooth and ACC in city but as of now dealers are giving 50K additional discount on city and so it’s really worth it.

      Also that when it comes to petrol. No one can match City with its gem of a engine, ASS, ride quality, Cabin space.

      I think if you want to go for diesel then Vento and Verna all the way.
      If petrol, I feel City is still the best. Earlier it was carrying a big price tag on itself but not anymore…

  34. Lijo i would also like to know your views on Vento (petrol) as well as Honda City. And when is Skoda Rapid getting launched and what is the reputation of Skoda for after sales service?

    1. @ Mukta….Skoda Rapid is same a VW Vento with same 1.6l engine and in fact also same chassis more like a compact version of the Laura. VW is superior brand as compared to Skoda so it might surely be priced below Vento with a little less features and quality than their German counterparts.
      Might get launched by mid 2012 and would surely hot up the C segment competition.

  35. @mukta- skoda has the worst after sales in India add to it the maintanance.Any ways its the only downside for them.rapid and vento are same.Among vento petrol and city ,its the city you should go for…testdrive both and decide

    @sandy- its the linea Tjet you should go for,its addicive to drive,gorgeous looks,tank like buildmetc but its more expensive than the diesel fiat is not very supportive to the customer.The interios are not classy but very comfortable and is loaded with features..if you want good resale with peace of mind you should pick th city.Vento petrol and verna petro arent very inspiring to drive…but their diesel versions are the one to go for.

  36. Hi, All
    I explain what I feel after using both cars vento and verna with using digits where vento or verna stand, I am not suggesting to any one car that you choose. I am not a salesman of any.
    Let score them out of ten. I find out 15 issues.
    1 Looks Exteriors 8 10
    2 Looks Interiors 7 10
    3 Quality Exteriors 9 8
    4 Quality Interiors 9 8
    5 Engine Performance, punchy
    responsive 10 9
    6 Mileage 9 9
    7 AC 10 8
    8 Stability 10 8
    9 Ride Quality, comfort, braking 9 8
    10 Brand Value 10 7
    11 Service, Dealer network 7 9
    12 Equipment 7 9
    13 Build up quality 10 7
    14 Space 9 8
    15 Maintenance 8 9

    Total Out of 150 132 127

    Please comment on my work only after at least 1000km of drive with reason & no one can justify which one is better car after taking test drive for few kms & also that check out what is your requirement then choose in consideration of above score, both are best.

  37. @kunal- seems like you got ‘fluidic’ dissolved in your blood.I am a fiat fan but i will not mislead people to buy a fiat!!!

    i appreciate the effort behind your comparo but its a blunder from your side..

    looks- its a personal choice…but i like the classy lines of linea followed by the clean german Vento.Verna is well styled but not to my taste.Sx4 is spoiled by maruti, if you wish to know what sx4 really is,google search for ‘Fiat Sedici’.

    Interiors- Vento has the best quality,but it looks sober(the German way).Verna`s interiors are of good quality except the door pads and a couple of other areas.Sx4 has typical maruti feel- its not rrattle free,also its not very good to look at.Quality wise Linea equals Sx4, but its rattlle free, Tjet interiors are way better though.

    Functions- I did`nt get what you meant here…

    Comfort- this comparo made me laugh…Without doubt fluidic verna should be rated the last for its pathetic rear bench.Vento has good legroom with comfortable seats but the central hump is a concern
    Sx4 too has a ‘bulge’ at the centre of the the legroom is tight and the ride is stiff

    LInea has very supportive seats especially underthigh.Ride quality is exemplary but a bit bouncy at very low speeds.Legroom is not that great for a car of its length, seat width too is not great

    Mileage- its the real owner who should speak…
    from what i have read in various automtive forums
    Sx4 petrol vvt- City-9.5-11kmpl
    highway-dont know
    Vento petrol- 9-11 in city
    14-15 highway
    Fluidic verna petrol- dont know

    from my experience-
    Linea Tjet petrol. city-9-10.5 (1500-4500 rpm range)
    highway- 14-16 Kmpl

    Features- Sx4 should come last…
    dont know what all gizmos are present in vento-

    Verna too has a whole lot of features like reversing camera,autofolding mirrors etc

    Linea too has a lot of goodies like blue n me,follow me home head lamps,rear ac vents,my car Menu etc

    among vento,verna and Linea i dont know which one got the most features

    Brand value- its VW without doubt..

    After sales & service – Sx4=Verna, Linea=vento

    fiat lacks service quality, VW lacks network and is arrogant

    Resale- fiat is the worst

    cheapest sedan- Ofcourse tata…but you get a lot of car for your money(Manza, Vista) .

    Ford`s heavy maintanence is a thing of the past,time has changed but the new fiesta is overpriced.

  38. Hi Amit,

    Nice work and very well comparision.

    Fully agree with the statement that one should comment after drive of atleat 1000 kms and more!


    1. Hi all,
      brought fluidic verna 1.6 CRDI a month back.
      done 3500kms, great car, gives 21kmpl with A/C on highway,and15 city
      best mileage at 90kmph ,6th gear

      hv reached till 170kmph.
      could hv pushed further but didnt try.
      absolutely rock steady
      best turbo after 2000rpm,
      brilliant breaks, all discs,
      v low g clearence,and when loaded with 5 ppl, its gonna def kiss the roads a lot especially at the humps
      overall a brilliant car.

  39. Hi Amit,

    Nice comparo btw Vento & Fuildic Verna. I guess both are diesels. Can you throw some more light in the following departments for Vento v/s Verna:

    1. Noise level inside the cabin.
    2. Ease of driving, light controls
    3. Easy monuverability.
    4. Head light intensity for night driving.
    5. Pulling power before the turbo kicks in.
    6. Ground clearance.
    7. Comfort at drivers seat. During TD in Vento, my left knee contineously brushed the dash. Your experence?
    8. Cost of spares.


  40. @ jude…

    Dude haven’t I mentioned above so many times that its all about choice? Why don’t you guys read properly? ITS ALL ABOUT CHOICE, I haven’t recommended the car to anybody here, above is a review and now we all are expressing our reviews. Because I don’t go what people say or couple of websites. Could you tell me where have I misled people to buy Verna? All am doing is expressing my OWN views. And why would I recommend it to anybody? Am not a Hyundai employee or anything similar. And Hyundai doesn’t need my help in same, as Verna is breaking all the records of Sedans in India. None of other has ever done what Sx4 and Verna has done. When Maruti launched Sx4 diesel, they got 5000+ bookings and now Verna has done pretty well, they have got 22000 bookings. Isn’t it a proof itself? Let Maruti be selling cheap pathetic unbearable quality, let Hyundai be making people fool by selling copied designs, but aren’t both of these companies leading India’s automobile market? Maruti being No.1 ever since start and Hyundai No. 2 ever since start? C’on guys, stick to the cars review and not comment anything on companies or what people like etc etc etc. Now here goes your reply;

    Looks – Off-course it’s a personal choice but no one here is so blind that they can’t see which car looks nice. You have said that you like classy lines of Linea and Vento. Okay accepted dude, but about Verna, its not your choice.. This is the difference dude in you and me, I have never said Vento not my choice, I too like Vento, but when it comes to comparison, over all wins the game. I do not need google dude, I know what Maruti is and what Sx4 is, Maruti launched Sx4 with many first in segment features way back in 2007. 16” alloys, ABS, EBD, Auto climate, amazing ground clearance and what not. You could say ‘spoiled’ or anything but that’s not the fact, that’s your taste.

    Interiors – You have said that am misleading people, now what are you doing by saying “Vento has the best quality & sober thing”? C’on dude, even kid knows that when it comes to quality, Honda has always won the game. Honda still has the best quality, let it be interiors, plastic quality etc. Sx4 has Maruti feel, it’s a Maruti brand dude, and obviously Maruti feel will also be there. But what is that Maruti feel exactly? Is it seriously not good to look at? Could you justify it or is it what YOU feel? Sx4 has never been on the top of C segment cars, but it hasn’t been on the lowest side either like Linea. So either your choice is so unacceptable by Indians or Linea really sucks. And yeah, don’t forget the brand value, after some years; you have to sell the car too. Look at where other Fiat cars stand when it comes to resale value, eg. Palio. And yeah, have you ever been to Germany? Am asking coz you have mentioned “the German way”, seems like you have German’s dissolved in your blood. 😉 Am not saying anything against Fiat, it’s the Fiat engine Maruti is selling in all Diesel cars, and not just Maruti, but the Tata’s too.

    Functions – As in features dude, what all features you are getting in your car when you spend huge money. Your so called German technology and they failed to provide basic things like USB for music, controls on steering for music which I use every minute in my car. Off-course these wont be so important for every human. Vento could have been the best car with same looks if VW would have launched it with all the features which other cars already has these days. Why do people buy expensive cars? If you just need a car with a bigger boot space then there are cars like Dzire and Etios. Why do we spend extra money on cars like Vento? Just for the engine or just for the torque or just for the German name? Why do people buy Laura, Civic, Cruze etc? It’s the overall package which mattes the most. And am not saying all this from all the people of India, these are my views.

    Comfort – Laughing is good for health, its good that above comparison made you laugh, you should be thankful. Rear bench is no doubt a mistake made by Hyundai, but they were focusing more on the headroom due to the Fluidic design, but not good enough comfortable for long drives, but not at all pathetic in the segment. If we talk about the rear legroom then Linea has the pathetic legroom in the segment with just 650mm (Vento 725mm, Sx4 720mm). Sx4 has the best in class Headroom 975mm (Vento 945mm & Linea 920mm) & best ground clearance 180mm (Vento 168mm, 170mm) not just in C segment, but also in D segment. Every car has some best and some not good enough features. We have to choose what we want and where we can compromise. If I compare Linea with these 2 powerful sedans, Linea stand nowhere specially because of the cost factor.

    Mileage – Yes real owner should speak here.

    Features – Sx4 should come last, lolz… Funny… You don’t know what all gizmos are present in Vento but you do know what all is there in Sx4, dude I guess you should visit and compare all the cars and the features too. You’ll get your facts. Verna wins here easily and Sx4 has many features too and couple of new too. Not saying Sx4 is better over Vento or Linea but look at the cost too, if you want a diesel sedan with best brand and best after sales service & best re salve value, you can get Sx4 Zdi in just 8.87 Lacks whereas Linea is for 9.2 and Vento is for 9.33 (all ex showroom Delhi). In sx4, you’ll get best diesel engine (mileage & maintenance wise), 16” alloy wheel (5nos), best ground clearance & headroom, Maruti service network/satisfaction, steering controls, and so many other features.

    Brand – Even kid knows which brand is the best when it comes to C segment sedans. It’s the Honda and not VW. Honda, Maruti, Hyundai and so on… (not by the number of cars they sell, this am saying by JD power customer satisfaction ranking).
    After sales/service – Here you are right, Maruti is the best in India followed by Honda & Hyundai, though Honda is lil expensive, no comments on Fiat & Vento, both are just pathetic in servicing.

    Resale – Maruti has the best, followed by Hyundai, Honda. Fiat has the worst, indeed.

    Cheapest Sedan – I would recommend Dzire here with diesel options available too and Maruti trust factor. Tata sedans – please save me from TATA, it’s a complete waste.

    Overall – On the basis of Overall satisfaction, I always rate cars, and in C segment its Fluidic Verna. If anybody want a cheap C segment diesel sedan then its Sx4, if you are fond of Western brands then its Vento and upcoming Rapid, Linea stands nowhere in my comparison. Let’s see what Honda has to offer with upcoming facelift of City and a diesel engine too (I wonder where would they get a diesel engine?).

    A Complete sedan and Value for money (for me) – A sedan as tall/big as Sx4, with a powerful diesel engine of Verna/Vento, brand satisfaction + mileage + resale value of Maruti, Honda’s handling + suspension, that would be my dream car!!


  41. hi friends,
    I had almost frozen on the City but getting good reviews abt Vento PETROL as well!
    (do U have any update when the new city s gonna b launched, is it advisable to change the tyres in City, which alloys would U recommend & is anti rust treatment reqd in Delhi…) Thnks!

  42. To improve the handling of verna fluidic upsize tyres 205/55 r16 or good stability and handling 215/45 r17

  43. Copare Handling : Vento v/s Verna

    The Vento has proved its mettle in the handling department by being one of the best handling cars in India today. Its precise handling combined with a good steering feel and feedback and almost no body roll have made it a segment leader. And, frankly, I feel that the Verna has a long way to go before it can challenge the Vento in terms of handling. The Verna has a soft suspension set-up because of which the car rocks a lot when it goes into a ditch or over a speed-breaker. Body roll is quite noticeable when you take a corner unlike the Vento, which remains much more stable round corners and holds the line right until the exit. At high speeds the Vento is rock-solid whereas the Verna does not inspire in you the confidence to push harder. The feedback from the Verna’s steering is a little strange and the car doesn’t seem to communicate with the driver much whereas the Vento’s steering is a delight, albeit a little on the heavy side. Both the cars are almost at par in braking, but I felt that the feel on the Vento was much better than that on the Verna.

  44. Don’t agree with lots of thing in the review, but overall a good review.
    @ Dvansia, you are right, Vento has proved its mettle in the handling department, but the author hasn’t compared City here. Anyways, a buyer living in any city of India, and who would be spending 10 Lkhs, wont just need a good handling car, but need all the other basic and some D segment features in his C segment sedan. Basic features like rear sensors, USB connectivity, Bluetooth and many other Verna features. I wont talk about Linea and Sx4 as both are under power car but yet better over Vento & Verna too compares to prices they offer and amazing service network of Maruti. I’ll just stick to V & V.
    1stly, buying such expensive sedan means overall satisfaction, Vento lacks in Looks, features (compared to Verna), Service network big time. Off-course you do get these stuff in outside market, but then these things are available in cheaper sedans as well. So just for the sake of good handling, why would anybody spend 10 Lakhs? Vento is a brilliant car but lacks features, looks and poor VW service network big time. Whereas Verna with amazing looks, many 1st in segment features, powerful & best fuel efficient proven engine, best service netowk (after Maruti), becomes the best sedan in C segment. In fact only Verna dares to challenge D segment cars when it comes to Features, looks etc.
    The feel of the car is any-day better then Vento, let it be driving pleasure, inside feel, sound of engine in the city. About handling, well this depends people to people, so I would say Verna is good enough in this department too. I would rate Vento after Verna only in terms of powerful sedan. In total comparison, I would put Sx4 after Verna with cheap spares/service, best network, good enough space, basic features, mini SUV feel, amazing mileage etc. That way, Vento becomes 3rd in my comparison of C segment diesel sedans.

  45. Good one..but the the facts is those who ready to spent 10 quality and safety the first priority.

    Features are just a gimmik to sell the car.

    Thoghg SX4 and Linea were launched with the features that no one were offering, but, Honda City remained the leader inspite of not offering climate control…!! Why ?

    In india, people want quality for money and not the features..and the same mentalily has worked behind the success of VW Vento..!!!

    Only Vento offeres
    – Six years anti rust warranty for the body paint (that too in Indian climate..)
    -Recently got extended warraty for another two years (i.e total 4 years now).
    – First service is only after 15000 Kms (Maruti / Hyundai starts charging you from the first day of your purchase on the name of free services for oils / coolants / oil filters etc.)

    For those who wants features…. Linea, SX4 and New Verna are there..

    But for those who want quality in all the fronts,I rate as below :
    1) Vento
    2) City
    3) Linea
    4) New Verna
    5) SX4

    Happy Motoring folks..

  46. I am following your reviews since long time now. I am planning to buy a car and need your suggestion. following is the

    -Diesel Sedan Car as my per day travelling would be 50km min
    -Low on Maintenace and reliable Car
    -Good fuel efficiency
    -City (Bangalore- B to B Traffic) travel Week days and sometimes long drive on week ends
    -Budget – Exshowroom 8~9L Bangalore
    -Planning to retain as long as 8~9 years
    -Comfortable for 5 people seating

    I liked the linea MJD but I have following concerns
    -Pickup in City Traffic
    -Ground Clearance with car fully loaded
    -After sales and service

    Appreciate your help

    1. The AC for this car is a tad weak but the ground clearance isn’t a problem. As for the spares and service, it is also now comparable with the others in its class.

      1. Thanks for reply. As I will be driving daily through the City traffic (Bumper to bumper traffic) Will Pickup and Turning Radius would be an issue? I do not need the powerfull car but I should drive with comfort and without fatigue…

        1. The turning radius is a bit of bother but with the diesel engined Linea, there have been complaints regarding the lower power. However, you would get used to it pretty much early on.

    2. Hi Sharad,
      If you are planning to retain such long period 8-9yrs.Linea is not suitable as rusting problem with linea with in 1 year( you can find out on google just type rusting problem with linea with images) and also AC is not good. Go for vento or verna and for quality that retain such long time go for vento

      1. Thanks Amit. I had TD of linea MJD few days back. I noticed the AC functioning was not upto the mark. The prices of Vento and Fluidic are on higher side of my budget. Even if I stretch to the base versions It doesnt have safety features like Airbags and ABS…

    3. i am owning linea emotion diesel from last year.its a great car packed with class leading features.very reliable and fiat is trying provide best of care.getting mileage of 15+ in gurgaon city. I suggest to keep it for at least 8yrs. Because its trouble free and resale value is not good for fiat cars at moment will improve when fiat’s market improve which definately will because they are putting effort.

    4. y r u not purchasing toyota etios? I thnk its a nce car…. bcoz toyota showrom z 225km far away from my towm that the reason i m purchasing volkswagen vento.

  47. ‘rusting problem’ is blown out of proportion….it is there with a few bosso nova white lineas, the paint compound is the culprit.Also vento`s long term reliability is nt proven either.If you search major forums you will find many polos with non functioning turbos and defective engine blocks,

  48. I am planning to buy a new car with following conditions:
    1. daily running = 150-200 kms (approx)
    2. good fuel efficiency
    3. good ground clearance
    4. fully loaded car
    5. good pick up in city
    6. budget = 9-10 lacs (Goa)
    7. good after sales service network
    8. fuel = Diesel



    1. Dear Rajesh,
      You wont get delivery of Verna in a week, you have to wait for at least two months or so. Check with the Hyundai dealer in your area. If you want a car future proof (in terms of specs, brand name etc.) Verna is class leading car. If you are obsessed with Western names and just want a good diesel engine and can compromise in looks, specs, space, but good handling, go for Vento. If you just want a diesel car with good enough features and other specs, go for SX4 diesel as you’ll also get best re-salve value in SX4.
      Same goes in Petrol car but City is definitely the best but lacks features big time. Also Honda is launching face lifted City in a month or two and new model of City in 2012. Your 10 lakhs would look older in few months, if you don’t want that, go for Verna which is future proof. Fyi, VW also plannin to launch face lifted Vento next year Mark or April.
      So Verna is not just the best but also future proof sedan. Choice is yours..

  50. I am looking for a diesel car, max 9 lacs ex showroom . Can any one suggest which one s good with al good features like mileage ,look ,interiors ,quality, suspension and so on. Basically i am lookin for only top end cars with manual gears.

  51. OK guys, with the launch of the Nissan Sunny, your ratings will have to change. The Sunny is beautiful in all respects including a fantastic price. Want to re-rate?

  52. 2 months waiting period for Fluidic Verna clearly shows how well it has been perceived by the Indian consumers that the demand is going so high.. You can’t compare Nissan Sunny with Verna Fluidic and other upper C segment cars. Sunny is good when compared with Verito, Dzire, Toyota latest crap, n other similar cars… Verna Fluidic comes under upper C segment and the sedan has been compared with D segment cars as well.
    When we buy a sedan, go by features, engine power, luxury, facilities, safety, brand, after sales service etc.. every car with a big boot isn’t a complete sedan…

    1. excuse me!!!….does anybody know a company named ford which also sells its cars in india..guys do include the all new ford fiesta..took a test drive few days back..its just a cream to drive…do include it and check it out

  53. Hi
    I m looking forward to get a diesal sedan upto 9 lacs.
    With good features mileage looks interior
    Among fluidic n linea which one is better in looks

    1. hi both cars have equaly good looks.linea is package of looks performance and built quality of ship but it is not value for money if you got sell it out early say with in three yrs . Verna is better value for money but dont have the handling comfort and class of performance linea has.

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