Hyundai’s Concept Blue2 – Drive in to the Future

The Blue2 concept from Hyundai, displayed at the 2011 Seoul Auto Show, recently caught our attention. This concept packs in a lot of futuristic details, with its smattering of gadgets for the dash and cameras replacing your traditional mirrors, this concept is surely a ride of the future. Blue is used to denote the concepts ‘Blue Drive’ fuel efficient lineage, an environmentally friendly car for those who worry about the future, while the 2 denotes the H2 powering its fuel cell.

Though the concept has an aggressive front, with its prominent grille and large air dams located under the headlamps, the rear of the concept makes it look more like the sedan that it’s meant to be. However, we thought that the LED headlamps in the front do appear to soften the cars aggressive front to make it look sleeker. The concept reportedly features a 122 bhp engine along with aerodynamic wheels and low resistance tyres which give it an estimated 34.9kpl on the road. Another futuristic touch is the concept’s aforementioned absence of mirrors and its unique transparent organic LEDs known as TOLEDs.

What takes the cake though, is the concept car’s entry mechanism. The doors open automatically upon driver recognition with help from a camera so as to provide easy access. While this does seem like a great idea, we can come up with a number of situations where this could pose a fair number of problems. While eco-friendly cars are slowly becoming a flavour of the season; with many manufacturers coming out with eco-friendly variants, the Blue2 concept manages to tie in a more futuristic look which goes with its eco-conscious theme.

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