Images of Volkswagen e-Co-Motion Surfaced For The First Time

Volkswagen is getting into everything, maybe it would be an auto segment or a whole car company itself. No one does seems to be left behind from the prying eyes of this German carmaker, as just we have landed on the first ever image e-co-Motion that was quenching for a quite long time under Volkswagen nose.

The official statement is yet to be delivered but our speculation for Geneva debut is going tremendously strong. The framed vehicle will be deployed for the transportation solutions in small extension i.e. can also be called as preview of small Transporter.

Taking the aesthetics into consideration, following numerical of e-Co-Motion can be derived:

[table id=106 /]

New Volkswagen e-Co-Motion

However, vehicle can bear a total load volume of 4.6 cubic meters despite its own weight of 800 kg (1,763 pounds). The badge of e-Co-Motion says about some hybrid or eco-friendly engine to be hanged in its bay while design does seem to be borrowed from Volkswagen eT! Concept of 2011 Geneva event.

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