In a first-ever from Mercedes-Benz, a small car for India

Riding high on the rising domestic economy stimulated by the ever increasing appetite to consume more, luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz is mulling to develop a small car for the domestic market in India. A senior executive at the global giant was quoted as saying, that the company has not determined any specific time-frame to decipher the idea into a tangible plan.

Board member and CFO of Mercedes-Benz India, Mr. Uwe Jarosch was quoted as saying that it would not be far-fetched for the company to produce a small car for India in the near future. The development of such a car would entail huge investment and hence it has to be ably backed by higher volumes. Giving a hypothetical, he said if the car maker decides to invest Euro 1 billion for the development of such a car, then it definitely expects gigantic volumes to validate it.

The company’s Research and Development apparatus in Bangalore, which shore up Mercedes-Benz’s headquarters back home in Germany, is most likely to labor on the small car project.

The staff level at the Bangalore centre is planned to be doubled by next year from the current 600 odd. As part of Mercedes-Benz’s business strategy, it will also install brand centers with additional investment from its current dealers, which would provide platform to display around 20-models.

The Numero Uno of such centre is expected to go online in the capital New Delhi by March of this year.

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