India-Made Volkswagen Polo To Be Exported To Mexico

It seems to be the high time for Volkswagen as company is reported to have commenced exporting the India-made Polo to Mexico. Earlier, the automaker used to export Vento to that neighboring country of US but now the Polo 1.6 Highline has also followed the trail. The aforesaid are the only VW marked cars that goes on sale in Mexico from India and are produced at the same facility in Pune. Both the cars accounts for the 50% of the cars rolled-out of the manufacturing bay.

As in the Indian innings, Volkswagen started exporting cars out of Pune plant since 2011 to the South Africa initially. But with the expansion going on at an incredible rate the company’s export reached to 32 countries spawned across continents like North America, Asia and Africa. The lot of VW cars that are sent out of country consists of left-hand-drive and right-hand-drive versions both. In addition to the cars, VW does also send parts and components to Malaysia which are then assembled (in Malaysia) for its local market.

India-Made Volkswagen Polo To Be Exported To Mexico

Immaculate effort and continuous refinements had made the Volkswagen Pune plant to roll-out 89,000 best example of German engineering till date.

Commenting about this achievement, Mahesh Kodumudi, President & MD, Volkswagen India was quite excited to share his thoughts. He commented the Polo produced in Pune is the same as made in other countries around the globe. In fact, it was a great achievement when Polo made at Pune manufacturing facility managed to bag four-star Global NCAP rating, means nothing is compromised on the built-quality and desired strength.

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