Innova Crysta with added features to the Toyota Innova VX series

According to TKM (Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited), they have added Innova Crysta, a limited edition series, to its existing Innova line up. It seems they derived the name ‘Crysta’ from ‘Crystal,’ which signifies the ultimate image of the car.

Other than the features available on Innova’s VX series, the Innova Crysta has new features like body graphics, alloy wheels, rear spoiler, seat covers that are dual-tone leather and darker wood panel additions among others.

The Innova Crysta is run by a 2.5 litre diesel engine that generates 102 bhp. The Innova Crysta is available in Euro III and IV.  Toyota will manufacture only 1000 units owing to the fact that the Innova Crysta is limited edition. The price of Innova Crysta is Rs. 13,12,570 (Delhi).

Toyota Innova Crysta

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