Innovative gadgets for your car

While we compiled the list of the useful gadgets that most cars could do with, here is the list of a few more. Whilst last time, we had the luxury of listing out the prices of each device, this time around, these devices don’t usually carry a price tag and one would have to directly contact the manufacturer to glean out this information. Many of these gadgets make our life easy during the long process of driving and sometimes add to the pure driving pleasure that some machines afford to deliver. Some of the gadgets even contribute directly to the driving experience. Listed below are some of the gadgets.

Complete Battery :

A relatively new company in the market named as Inphynyt has brought out their Inphynyt Series Revolution battery. This new battery is a first in the market which allows the luxury of a non stop warranty. This doesn’t stop at that. This battery is claimed to have about 30 percent more life in it than the other batteries in the market. Moreover, it is a user friendly thing with its ultra low maintenance composition as also the vent plugs indicating the water level in it. Even traffic clogged conditions are dealt with aplomb by this battery. This battery has been tested for extreme weather and traffic conditions. The more plates per cell theory translates to more capacity, reduced vibrations, better cranking power, fortified cell construction and all the more enhanced life. A faster recharge is also possible courtesy a unique paste mix, higher peak capacity and also less self discharge. Water requirement is also vastly reduced due to the microfiber envelope separators. The best in its series resistance to vibrations also make it easier to crank up. The containers are also spillage proof and this helps in enhancing the user safety. Moreover, the battery runs a self check on itself indicating the water level. For the first 20 months, if there is any defect reported about the battery, the customer stands to gain a new battery and after 20 months, the customer would have to bear only half the cost of the battery for a new one. For more details on this, one can contact

Car Cleaner :

The title may be a bit misleading since this is not about car cleaning but about shampooing the car’s seats. It is called as M26 IS. The solution or chemical can be sprayed on the car’s seats through a solution tank. The seats are completely wetted by this method and all one has to do is scrub the seats and all the dirty water would then have too be picked up. It is a multipurpose unit since drying, washing and also cleaning of the upholstery or the floor can also be done by it. The water solution tank is removable for easy refill and the extraction accessories are kit specific. It also works as a dry vacuum cleaner and also a wet one. For more details on this one, one is requested to email .

Flip Keys :

The blade of the key can be folded inside the shell. The flip keys also fit in a sensor/transponder and also a remote circuit. They not only look stylish but are also compact and convenient units to carry around. Most of the manufacturers now give OEM remote devices and even these can be easily converted into a flip key. Complexity of the remote circuits plus odd positioning of the buttons require button replacement or entire redesigning or even reprogramming of the new remotes. This particular Flip Key can cost anything between Rs 1.5k to Rs 2k. For more information, one can logon to

JVC monitor :

JVC, one of the leading TV monitor makers for indash car entertainment, has recently launched three new Double DIN WVGA LCD panels. These panels have also got AV receivers. The 7 inch KW-AVX846 and also the 6.1 inch KW-AVX746/KW-AVX646 offer bright and clean images, have variable color illumination, smooth touch control, USB connection for ipods and iphones as also a detachable face panel. Wall paper capture, customizable display and Bluetooth wireless technology are some of the other salient features of these monitors. For more information on this, logon to or email info@

Waterproof Battery Charger :

An 800 mAmp compact battery charger has been recently introduced by Adventure Wheels. Highly efficient surface mount technology with its electronic components are incorporated into this Battery Charger. The interiors of this Battery Charger are shock proof, moisture and vibration resistant. This is due to the use of synthetic epoxy resin compound which has got thermally conductive, flame retarding electrically insulating substance. The highlights of this battery include a 12 Volt current at 800mAmp, spark proof, state of the art LED indicator, three step fully adjustable charging amongst other stuff. More details can be found in or even upon emailing

There are some tools or gadgets like the parking sensors, reverse camera, car refrigerators and inverters that make life easier for all. There is a certain car refrigerator by BCPL which can actually make ice on the go in a car. It can be put into position by adjusting the seatbelt and operated by plugging it into the cigarette lighter present in the car. A 7 inch screen on the central console displays the images as also audio details from the reverse camera and parking sensors. They even tell you the distance from the nearest object which the car would hit. This helps prevents accidents or dents in the car. Moreover with the growing hectic lifestyle of many, probable neck problems would also not worsen with this tool in hand. A universal 230 V AC plug is what BCPL’s car inverter promises. It can be used to charge the laptop, DVD player, handycams and stuff. Into the cigarette lighter, one has to plonk this inverter and you have a 230V AC plug point ready at your disposal. For more information on these products, one can contact .

These are some of the products which have been useful to many and we are sure that Indiandrives fans would definitely benefit from this piece of information.

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