iPhone ANS Navigator App takes you closer to the Indian History

ANS Navigator is one of the most reliable software for your iPhone. This application is now loaded with the ‘Historical Monuments’ package which was been anticipated eagerly. After this upgrade, an user can explore the Indian historical beauty like never before.

This navigation software is developed by ANS (Ayana Navigation Solutions). It makes use of the world acclaimed NNG’s iGO navigation engine. NNG is probably the best in the world when it comes to GPS navigation. The ANS Navigator App has been designed especially for Indians. This is loaded with an array of features which are location specific. The most important feature of this app is the free Live Traffic updates. In a crowded country like India where peak traffic hours are exhausting, this app is a life saver. It allows the drivers to understand the road situation better and thus helps save their precious time. This feature is available in 11 cities across the country.

The ANS Navigator App can be downloaded from iTunes App store. But like we say, nothing in the world if for free. This App cost you Rs.1,650. If you ask me, it is worth every penny. The ANS Navigator covers an area larger than 1 million km. It is capable of giving you specific info regarding 6 million places. Be it hotels, fuel stations on your route, schools, restaurants, business houses etc, this app will always show you the way.

ANS Navigator App for iPhone

Now this terrific application has been loaded with another fantastic feature. This time it is to guide Indians towards their favourite monument. It gives you a chance to explore 1000 years of Indian heritage and glorious history. An iPhone user can now explore various ancient temples, government buildings, caves and many more iconic structures in more than 1000 settlements and cities across the country.

The package called ‘Historical Monument’ database not only makes it easier for you to get in touch with the Indian Heritage but it also helps you to understand the ideology behind their construction. The app offers historical descriptions of the structure being explored, their pictures as well as the visiting hours for touring.

ANS Navigator App

The information provided by ANS Navigator Historical Monuments package is 100 percent authentic. All the information has been gathered with the help of the Archeological Survey of India. A total of 3700 Indian Heritage sites are at your finger tips, virtually.

If you are willing to set out on a journey to explore the ‘Incredible India then you don’t have to worry about your travelling. ANS Navigator app will guide you all through the way, finding better routes and making your journey problem free. Exploring our nation was never this easy before.

NNG ANS Hist Monuments

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