Jaguar and Land Rover enjoy 22 percent sales boost

The market seems to be going in favor of Jaguar and Land Rover as the joint alliance has grossed an estimated 22% increase in their sales rate during the prospective months falling between March and December last year. Tata Motors which owns the alliance had released a statement enthusiastically highlighting the growth in the sales. Ever since Jaguar-Land Rover came together under Tata Motors, the cars launched by them have been selling like hot cakes and thus Tata Motors is optimistic that the alliance worked well for them. China and Russia seem to be amongst the hub spots of the British car heavyweight as the sales rate of their cars are increasing day-by-day in these two countries.

Jaguar and Land Rover enjoy 22 percent sales boost

JLR reportedly sold around 216,412 units in that time thus grossing a new growth in sales of 62%. The final quarter saw an estimated leap of a staggering 62.8 percent. The alliance between Jaguar and Land Rover had been made by Tata Motors which purchased JLR and thus all the members of the alliance are profitably selling and manufacturing multiple car units and the sales rate of the corporation has also increased to a great extent. Talking about the prospective period of September-December 2011, Jaguar and Land Rover grossed increase in sales of 36.7 percent approximately and thus sold around 86,322 units. Most of these sales were garnered by the newly launched Range Rover Evoque which went well with the crowd. Though the Range Rover Evoque came with a hefty price tag, yet JLR found itself loads of interested customers and thus booked more units beyond expectations and the revenues for Jaguar and Land Rover jumped by 40%. In the prospective year of 2011, Jaguar and Land Rover reported that a total of around 32,000 units of Evoque were delivered to respective dealers who then sold them to the clients. The whole process was fast and the car received a very strong response from the crowd thus making Tata Motors believe that buying Jaguar & Land Rover was not a very bad option.

Range Rover Evoque in India
In the final months of the prospective year 2011, Jaguar and Land Rover increased their rate of production to 20.1% but on the other hand 62.8 percent profits were earned by the company as the operating margins of the company have been increased to a great extent so as to produce more fascinating profit figure. Tata Motors was in for a surprise as they grossed an impressive rate of 18.2 per cent between the months of April and December, 2011. Thus Tata Motors grew its legacy into one of the most revered automobile brands in India and is keen to work with other multinational corporations in order to establish a stronghold over the industries of other countries as Tata has been into mainstream for almost a century now and hopes to maintain the stronghold it has over India as India is now considered to be amongst the most thriving automobile markets in the world.

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