Jaguar Land Rover chooses Delhi Auto Expo over the Motor Show at Detroit

Jaguar Land Rover, which is the British subsidiary of Tata Motors, has opted out of the Motor Show at Detroit giving preference to the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo instead. This is quite interesting news as far as the Indian auto market is concerned and show that luxury car makers have identified greater potential in this market. There is no disputing the fact that India is placed second in all fast emerging car markets worldwide, just behind China. Hence, it has become a preferred market for most manufacturers in all segments with the luxury car makers leading the charge.

Jaguar Land Rover chooses Delhi Auto Expo over the Motor Show at DetroitThough the Indian auto market has been witnessing an overall slowdown, the market for luxury cars has been growing exponentially. Furthermore, the overall market trend is expected to reverse in the year 2012 with experts predicting a growth of 30% to 40%. This could be the reason Jaguar Land Rover did not wish to miss on such a lucrative opportunity that the Auto Expo platform is providing. The 2012 Delhi Auto Expo is already witnessing a record participation from most global brands in the automobile industry. The top operators in the luxury car segment, including Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz have already confirmed their presence with a multiple range of cars. Audi has lined up its Q3 to be showcased in this platform whereas BMW is coming with a diesel version M50d of its famous X6 series. Jaguar is definitely expecting rich rewards from this segment in the Indian market.

Jaguar Land Rover has already managed to have its presence noted in Motor Shows of North America as it has recently participated at the Auto Sow in Los Angeles. At the Delhi Auto Expo, Jaguar is planning to showcase two of its concept sports car models, the CX-16 and the DC100.

Jaguar DC100This year, the Delhi Auto Expo will have participation from 18 car makers who are going to showcase their skills in their specialized segments with a combined display and launch of 60 vehicles put together. The expo is expecting footfalls of close to 2 million people from across the world. Vehicles that are expected to be showstoppers at this annual New Delhi event including the range of BMW Mini cars and the B-Class hatchbacks from Mercedes Benz.

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