Jaguar Land Rover Global Sales graph increases by 14% in November

TATA Motors, the proud owners of the Jaguar Land Rover, has announced an increase in its global sales in the month of November by 14%.

The announcement came on Thursday that Tata Motors is very much delighted to see a tremendous increase of 14% (to 29893 units) in the global sales of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

On comparing the sales of Nov’11 and Nov’12, JLR came to the conclusion that Jaguar has shown disappointing downwards sales where sales have reduced by 5%, but Land Rover, on the other hand, has shown positive trend with an increase of 17% in the sales figure (25,862 units).

Sales figure of November has seen an increase in every market of the world viz. China (by 43%), Asia pacific (by 26%), Europe (by 12%) and UK (by 15%).

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JLR has done particularly well in its home market of England. Adding to the excitement, Phil Popham, Director (Group Sales Operations) of JLR said “Both Jaguar and Land Rover brands continue to deliver strong sales globally. The record breaking performance in our home market, the UK, is a great news.”

Official statement JLR also states a decline of sales by 7% in their North American market.  Changeover effects and increased competitive conditions have been cited as the reasons for the decline.

JLR official statement also portrays the bigger picture as well, i.e. sales figures from January to November saying an increase in sales by 32% to 324,184 units.

The official signs off saying “Since the start of the year, Jaguar Land Rover has seen strong sales performance across all of its major markets, with increases in China (73 per cent), Asia Pacific (37 per cent), the UK (20 per cent), Europe (37 per cent) and North America (12 per cent).”

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