Japanese car maker Honda reveals concepts to showcase at Tokyo Auto Salon

One of the most well known Japanese car makers, Honda, has decided to reveal its concepts at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Some of the concepts that the company will be revealing are Vezel Mugen Concept, Vezel Modula Concept, N-One Modula Concept, the FIT Special Customize and the N-Box+ Element Concept.

Vezel Modula Concept belongs to the category of cars that are built with a sporty look and give a high quality feeling. The new Vezel is quite different from the previous Vezel in terms of looks as well as quality. Its predecessor had been made available in Japan from 20th December 2013. The car is said to belong to the new category of cars that are at a higher level with multifaceted values fused together. The new car features alloy wheels as well as a sporty body kit. In comparison to the previous model, the car also features metallic accents, black gloss trims and leather seats which are red in color.

Honda Vezel and Jazz

The Vezel Mugen Concept, on the other hand, as compared to its family of cars features side skirts of a different style, redesigned grille and new bumpers in the front. The N-One Modula concept features redesigned bumpers, new alloy wheels and a mesh designed grille. From the inside, the car features alloy pedals and dual tone that has been specially given for the cabin.

The N-Box Element Concept, on the other hand, is a little different as the car can be used in urban areas just like the other cars and also for outdoor purposes. Like all the concepts have something new that differentiates it from the others, the FIT Special Customize concept will have a new grille, bumpers as well as aerodynamic exteriors.

New Honda Vezel and Jazz

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