Jay Leno driving the Aston Martin CC100: Watch Video

We have remained an unbeatable follower of Jay Leno, used to be covering his every episode where he gave us some important insights about the car he drove. While today, he is seen driving the Aston Martin CC100 which is a concept car of the British carmaker built to pay tribute to the 100th anniversary of the brand.

However, the CC100 is launched this year because ‘year 2013’ marked the completion of the Aston Martin existence, but it is remained as a concept only, didn’t make its way to the production. CEO Ulrich Bez points out, they are among the few cars in the world that is still independent and makes bespoke cars.

As known, the CC100 is almost resounding to the likes of other V12 Astons, but the driving experience of it seems quite different than those. Watched carefully, the car possesses no windows, and not a completely air-packed door, giving us a feel of something like the Jeep and other such off-roaders who are removed off their doors and roof. Well, the only difference between both of the vehicles (Jeep and CC100) may be felt at the acceleration and the horsepower. Though, the car feels like bliss, as what Jay Leno confirmed. It’s interesting to see that Jay desired to have a one for his garage as well. Let‘s watch, do the guys at Aston Martin are nodding to do it so.

Jay Leno driving the Aston Martin CC100

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