JCB GT Is The Fastest Digger In The World

Those JCB diggers, bulldozers and earth movers are always bloomed of the picture made to have caused the road-blocks and snarling traffic. But one of them has stepped ahead and made an attempt to flip the picture upside down. Dubbed as the JCB GT, it clocked the record-breaking top-speed of 116.8 km/h in the latest attempt. In comparison, as of other such type of machines on the road, they can notch top-speed of 50 km/h, just the half of what exactly the world’s fastest cracked at the whip.

The JCB GT is actually designed to entice the performance enthusiasts. And this record was created before the record officials in Bathurst, near Sydney.

JCB GT Is The Fastest Digger In The World

On the technical side, it didn’t utilize a diesel engine, instead took up the 7.4-liter V8 Chevy petrol engine and cranked it for more than 1000bhp. Several other modifications too are applied in order to gain the said max-speed like light-steel chassis, aluminum bucket, fiberglass body and smaller front wheels. Well, the JCB GT may not be extracted to the fullest in words, can check out the video below for a better perspective.

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