JLR to Add 100 New Jobs in India with New Pune Assembly Plant

A while ago we announced that JLR had opened their first domestic assembly plant in Pune. With the launch of the new plant, the premium auto brand will add 100 new jobs. After the launch of the assembly facility, Ralf Speth, the CEO of JLR had said that India has a huge market potential. They have witnessed significant growth ever since 2009.

Because of increasing demand in the market for luxury products as well as a robust Indian economy, they decided it was time to expand their operations in India. This expansion will create jobs for 100 people in India.

According to reports, Speth also said that they would also consider decreasing prices if the sales for their products increased further. As of now, JLR products are priced much higher in India in comparison to the UK.

One thought on “JLR to Add 100 New Jobs in India with New Pune Assembly Plant

  1. It’s greate and INDIA is becoming No-1 Quality Manufacuturers of Automobile models & M/s. TATA MOTORS is playing greater roll in aquiring loss making Leading & luxurius Brands in world over & reviving them. I feel it proud & look to work for those companies & Contribute my self with my Experience & Expertise.

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