Kangna Ranaut in campaign against dark films on vehicle windows

After the terrible Delhi gang rape case, where a 23 year old innocent girl was brutally raped in a moving bus with curtained window, Delhi police have become more aware and is trying to avoid such crimes in future and make capital a better place to live. Now, actress Kangna Ranaut has also joined the cops and is appealing people not to put black tint on the vehicle windows. Although putting black tint is already against the rules but now same is being strictly restricted to ensure safety in car.

Speaking about the movement, Kangna said that although it is a small move but it will allow them to restrict such vehicle that in turn will discourage the use of such vehicles for robbery and sexual assaults. Joint CP traffic, Mr. Satyendra Garg told media that the Delhi Police is taking measures in this direction. Police has also put teams at the 20 odd border points that will restrict the entry of tinted vehicles in the capital. The cleanup drive has been extended to the vehicles from other states also. The number of vehicles with tinted glass has now come down to 2-3 instead of the 8-9 out of 10.

Kangna Ranaut in campaign against dark films on vehicle windows

He also informed that the people with Z or Z plus security are allowed to put tint on their window glass and that too for 1-2 vehicles not for the whole line up.

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