Koenigsegg to be the Poster Model in Need for Speed Rivals: Official Screenshots

Just recently we had seen the first trailer of Need for Speed Rivals and now things abreacted more clearly from the official website of EA. It is learnt that Koenigsegg will be seen in the cop-car avatar, whereas the Porsche GT3, Aston Martin Vanquish and Ferrari F12 will be wearing their conventional dresses in the game. Moreover the trios (excluding Koenigsegg) are also given away with just the sneak peek in “official screenshots” unlikely to that of the ‘whole front look’ for Swede.

Not much known from the images but our excitement had notched upstairs. As learnt more from them, we came to know that Keonigsegg may become the new poster model of NFS in ‘Rival’ edition, due to its striking attitude being portrayed in an aggressive manner comparatively than the other model plates.

Koenigsegg Cop Car

Just hold your breath till E3, EA will discuss more detail on this particular topic there itself; and is also said that the game will be made available for Xbox 360, newly launched Xbox One, PS 3 and PS 4.

Koenigsegg Cop Car Back View

Ferrari F12 Koenigsegg Cop Car 2013

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