Lamborghini Launches Nitro Tractor

After producing a lot of supercars Lamborghini is now going a bit out of the way by introducing Nitro tractor in market. No doubt it will be as powerful as its other offering, but will be on the agricultural grounds and not on tarmacs instead.

Trattori wing of the Lamborghini who looks after tractor has titled this one as Nitro, sounds like some V-series powered, isn’t it! But the fact of all is, a four cylinder Deutz Tier 4i powerplant is used and being mated with mechanized five-gear system or a three-speed automatic. To drive such a prestigious engineering, Italians have marveled it with a panoramic yet comfy and spacious 360 degree view cabin so that no damage can be caused to it while getting the hands on indulging powertrain.

Braking is also an important part of this powerful grudger, servo-assisted braking system is perfect as being applied with the help of oil-immersed discs. More expenditure is always a part of the luxury package and Nitro is not an exception, just to put more on it, the standard Park Brake System can be replaced with Steering Double Displacement steering pump to reduce number of round-offs while maneuvering. That is the true luxury maker, who actually simplifies everything with its innovative features, in spite of being “costly”.

Lamborghini Nitro tractor

One needs not to say about Lamborghini cosmetics, aesthetically as it can be concluded with its previous masterpieces, but still it does pours in dual taillights with a lowered hood for soothing overall complements.

Giugiaro was the in charge of such a mean mid-sized tractor!

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