Lamborghini unveils the ‘Bicolore’ Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo with the powerful 560 hp V10 machine has been an all-time favorite, for the longest period of time, for every sports car buff. Total control and explosive dynamics courtesy to its razor-sharp design and all-wheel drive is what makes this beast from Italy an extremely coveted model in the automotive design space.

Although the Lamborghini Gallardo has been subjected to series of add-ons and upgrades since its launch, the latest LP5604 is by all standards the most technologically superior and advanced version of this legend series by the Italian car maker.

The latest offering, Gallardo LP5604 gets a touch of paint, which will give its extremely sporty exteriors a stylish 2-tone finish. This will further lay emphasis on the dynamic and sharp lines of the beast. Upwards from the window line (including rear spoiler, engine hood, roof and pillars), the vehicle is painted in Noctis Black- a black pastel that is in perfect contrast with the area of the lower body. This will be made available in five different colors: Blue (Blue Caelum), White (Bianco Monocerus), Grey (Grigio Telesto), Orange (Arancio Borealis) and Yellow (Giallo Midas).

The black color of the upper body which is matched by the exterior finish gives the Lamborghini Gallardo an all-new, aggressive look and makes it appear more extreme and wider than all the existing models.

Mr. Stephan Winkelmann, Ceo and President, was quoted as saying at the launch of the new Gallardo model that with the latest Gallardo LP5604 Bi-color, Lamborghini has once demonstrated the unmistakable, uncompromising and extreme nature of the Italian brand. The car has a great design in combination with volcanic energy which is as stylish as it is unique.

With the new offering Lamborghini will offer a more customized experience in this series of 10-cylinder models.

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