Latest Ford Endeavour gears up to compete with Toyota Fortuner

Ever since the Toyota Fortuner has stepped into the Indian auto market, the Ford Endeavour seems to have lost out to a certain extent on its popularity. However, with the latest Ford Endeavour all set to come to the party, this scenario is likely to change again. The auto manufacturer is in the process of lending the final touches to the latest version of the Endeavour, which is popularly known in many markets as the Everest. It seems that Ford is concerting its total efforts to ensure that the vehicle becomes a legend in its segment.

The first major change that is noticeable is its completely different looking exteriors, with the Endeavour shedding its old boxy and upright look. This has been replaced with a toned and muscular built, which definitely offers you a more sophisticated and contemporary look. A rugged nature is exhibited by its new grille and it now seems that the vehicle can go through any barriers without hurting its body a bit. To get this new design in place, Ford has borrowed a lot of inspiration from the designing of its ‘light trucks’ that successfully operate in the United States.

Latest Ford Endeavour gears up to compete with Toyota Fortuner

What lends even more freshness to the SUV is the fact that the vehicle has been provided with enhanced interiors, in terms of space. According to the car maker, it had strived towards achieving a rugged but technically proficient design for its interiors. The same is actually reflected in the car with a lot of robust looking but modern applications. The insides have been given the toughness to withstand any powerful attacks and the central console has been also provided with a great degree of protection. Simplicity has been the core decisive factor in designing the instrument panel as well as the steering wheel. Improvements in seating arrangements have been provided for all the passengers seating in both the second row as well as the third row. Ample amount of space has been provided in the seats along with extended legroom. Enhancement in size of the glove box means that it has the capacity to even store a normal sized laptop. The car manufacturer has also ensured that a lot of detailing has gone into providing adequate space for all the electronic gadgets that are used in the technology driven times of today.

Toyota Fortuner in India

The changes in the Endeavour have not been restricted to it’s outwardly features only. The ladder chassis comes all new and stiffer. A lot of electronic aids have been provided to help in driving. The vehicle also sports two latest engines, as well. The present 2.5L diesel engine is going to be replaced by a 2.2L 148Bhp smaller capacity engine. People who are addicted to the Torque component will be satiated by the latest 3.2L inline 5-cylinder, which generates peak power 198Bhp with 48kgm torque.

All that can be finally said is that the latest Ford Endeavour SUV comes in an exciting avatar with the capacity to shake up the market.

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